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You are a perverse lot.

*dies under an avalanche of music recommendations*

Laura Bush, romance reader

Also, Galleycat collects some quotes on This Year You Write Your Novel.

"The scale of a novel is that of a supercollider/atom smasher. It's daunting. It's supposed to be daunting and difficult. And not only does it have to work—like an atom-smasher—it also has to look pretty. So it has to have an aesthetically pleasing structure and great landscaping and everything. It's the whole deal: a supercollider where you'd want to get married or have a big party, or send a postcard of which to your grandmother."

--Alan DeNiro

Also, quotes our own Jeff VanderMeer saying, "It is an act of endurance. And an act of faith. But not an act of courage." *

Sorry, Jeff, I love you even more than the Evil Monkey does. But if that's what you think? 

You need to write scarier novels, man.

Here. Go do something filthy with this microphone.

*Endurance I'll cop to. But not faith. I haven't got any freaking faith in my books. On the other hand, I decided a long time ago that I'd rather die a glorious public failure than a polite successful coward. Excelsior!

So I had something else intelligent I was going to say about writing, but damned if I can remember what it was in the cold light of morning. It probably wasn't new, anyway; I repeat myself a lot.

If you're joining us in progress, as I see some of you are, and you are here for the masturbatory writing wank, you could start here:

and also here:!

And older stuff, not just mine, can be found here:

...and what's the first post title on that last one, but another *(&^%*&(^ Bowie quote?

It's like being chased by Trent Reznor, I tell ya.

All advice is worth what you paid for it, and the older stuff is probably even more wrong than the newer stuff.

Anything you all want I should talk about?

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