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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

more reasons I love where I live.

Macouns are in.

I'll be in my bunk.


I've been chowing down on Ginger Golds and Honeycrisps myself.

Farmer's Markets rock!
Oh, Ginger Golds and Honeycrisp are just delaying tactics. MacIntosh *almost* scratch the itch.

But the Macoun is the one true apple of which all others are merely shadow.
Wow. The Platonic Form of apples.
Damn - I would love to try one. I love trying new varieties of apples. I prefer the ones that aren't too sweet - I like a wee bit of tartness, with firm flesh.
Where do you live?
Colorado - so it's doubtful they will make it down here. I've never seen them yet. At the moment, Pink Lady is my favorite variety; it used to be Gala, but they kept getting sweeter and sweeter each year and so I began searching for another with a little more bite. I'll still go for Galas if nothing else is available. Fuji and Braeburn are both all right as well. I cannot abide Red/Golden Delicious, and the Granny Smith's are too tart. Pacific Rose isn't bad, but tends to be a little too sweet for me.

Yes....I am picky when it comes to apples.
Pink Ladys are good.

You should indeed come to New England. We have the apples for you.

Macoun and MacIntosh, neither of which--alas--travel at all, because they have delicate flesh. (You can get completely crap MacIntosh on the Left Coast, but you'd be happier eating styrofoam clown heads from Jack in the Box.)

They're both tart (MacIntosh are tarter) crisp, juicy-sharp-sweet apples with a berry scent. White flesh, thin skin.

Macouns have the superior flavor, however, and are only available for about three to four weeks, depending on which part of New England you are in.

They are An Event. Like the Rainier cherries.

Three score years and ten is not enough to get around a sufficiency of Macoun apples. *g*
I wonder if they can be shipped overnight FedEx? grin

I just did a websearch on apples, just because:




I will never forget one year, when the local Safeway (surprise, surprise) had a variety in that almost made me orgasm (figuratively speaking, of course) when the guy offered me a slice to try. I've never seen it again, and can't quite remember the name. I swear it was "Pacific" something....but then later when someone told me it had to be Pacific Rose and I tried one to see, it definitely wasn't the same apple. I would love to find that variety again some day.
That first sentence is a grammatical nightmare.
I bought three Macouns today. They're nearing the end, just these 100 miles northeast of you; they've been at the farmer's market for 3 weeks now.

(We've got cabbages and leeks and late squashes and turnips all those depressing winter vegetables -- and the very last of the unripe field tomatoes.)
Fried green tomatoes! Tomato pickle! Yay!

OMG, I am on my second soft-ball-sized apple already today. I have missed these damned things for SEVEN YEARS.

Come on down and visit; they just hit, here, and we'll have 'em though Halloween.
Even better, green tomato pie.
I'm still a fan of Winesaps, myself. They won't hit Michigan for another week or two, though. Wonder if the Macoun is anything like that?
Fresh, tree-ripened apples are almost enough to make me forget the ambrosia that is a tree-ripened mango.

My favorite variety is Cortland, which I cannot grow here but which I devoured with gusto while living in Portsmouth (NH, that is). My Grimes Goldens can't compete - too finely textured, not enough cruch - but they win in that they're right here in my yard, for whenever I want one...as long as it's in season and the birds and squirrels don't beat me to them. The flavor's right.

Apple-y goodness

Red Delicious apples actually USED to be delicious. Now they taste like sawdust. Did I change or did the apple change? LOL.

It's kind of neat that the Internet, air travel, and other world-shrinking technologies haven't managed to take away all regional uniqueness by any means. There are still good reasons to hit the road in any direction. Now I know which way to drive to experience the Macoun!
great. now my mouth is all primed for a Macoun and there aren't any to be found down here below the Mason-Dixon line. I'll just have to add them to the shopping list for the next time we come trolling up thataway.

Today, I just finished reading through the last page of Worldwired and my god, at the start of it call I couldn't have imagined that it would be so amazingly good.

Borrowed copies, but I'm going to buy my own very soon.

Thank you so much for writing these.
The start of it all, I meant to say.
Thank you!

(We speak typo. *g* It's cool. I can't type, myself....)
You're welcome. I really, really enjoyed them. I don't know how you thought of putting all those ingredients together, but you did. I'm amazed! ,)

May I read your blog? I'll behave.
Oh, sure. It's a public blog. Thank you for asking.

I try not to be tooo prickly.
Great, thanks then!

[crunch] I'm just breakfasting on toasted left-over cheese pizza with oregano sprinkles, Desert Sage tea with honey, and a drawn-and-quartered Macoun. (Ew, no, better make that a quartered-and-diced Macoun.)

And thinking about getting my middle-aged ass down to the Union Square GreenMarket in search of other nice fresh appies. :-)