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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Next time I would rather break than bend.

Today, I start revising Undertow.

Where's the sherry?

(my honeydew list also includes giving the scary space under my desk a good Swiffering, doing some volunteer work on a secret project [henceforth to be referred to as "the secrit volunteer project"] and, um. I'm sure I am meant to be doing something else, as well. Remind me, if you happen to think of it?)

Hmm. If I get shoveled out before the end of October, I can maybe finish the next chunk of New Amsterdam and write a short story or two before World Fantasy. Oh, and that proposal.

Multi-tasking, a very important skill for the working artist.

Now where did I leave my boots?

In other news, jaylake wants to know what you consider professionalism.


I am sorry, Bear, I just can't see "Swiffering" as a clean verb.

"We walked in and found Edmund Swiffering his brains out with the chambermaid."

You see?
I *know*! Isn't it the most fantastically dirty brand name around?

"We gave them a good Swiffering in 1918 and they've hardly bothered us since!"

It's like "pants."

Only better.
"I have Swiffered in every room in the house except the library, and I thought the carpet might be a problem there."
"You can't fool me, young man! It's Swiffer, Swiffer, Swiffer, all the way down!"
*BANGBANGBANG* "Jimmy, open that door! What are you doing in there?" *BANGBANGBANG* "You're Swiffering again, aren't you! You'll go blind that way, young man!"
Oh, if only Jimmy would come Swiffer over here. I could get so much more done.
Or even if you didn't, have fun along the way.
:: intones ::

The Swiffer awakens...
On a warm summer evening
On a train bound for nowhere
I met up with a Swiffer
We were both too tired to sleep.
The Swiffer touched me with a hand like the breath of an angel, but when I turned to spread my wings, she had flown beyond my reach.
write that one.
Where's the sherry?

No sherry, but I do have some port...

(and there's a bottle of single malt out there with both our names on it. I think we need to grab the other two named individuals and crack that sucker open. Soon.)
Somebody was just talking about that eventuality on friday, in fact.
Yay! WFC!