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it's time for the cross or the bodhi tree

truepenny and I often get asked how we collaborate. Well, we're not collaborating right now, but we are critting each other.

This is how we collaborate:

truepenny: Do I need the odd little failed seduction scene?  Or is it clear enough that [spoiler] does not have pederastic intentions?

matociquala: It says something about the kid.

truepenny: Yes.  But does it say something this story needs?  (I want it to be saying something the story needs, but I'm not sure I succeeded.)

matociquala: Well, what is the pedophilia doing in the story? (That's a "please explain" question, not a YOU GOT KIDDIE PORN IN MY PEANUT BUTTER JUSTIFY YOUR EXISTENCE question)
Tags: the mole-and-bear show, the writer at work
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