it's a great life, if you don't weaken (matociquala) wrote,
it's a great life, if you don't weaken

we're not a cute lesbian couple, but we play one on the internets:

truepenny:  No.  And, really, an excellent way of transporting your pot.

matociquala: Who's gonna frisk the muppet?

truepennyYeah, really.  Go home and tell your kid, "I had to bust Cookie Monster today."

matociquala: should blog that. *g*

truepenny: Heh.  Not my story.  But you're welcome to blog it if you like.

matociquala: You could just preface the above three lines with--"pursuant to a discussion of a possibly apocryphal story about Jim Henson and company smuggling marijuana into England in muppet heads--"

You made the funny comment.

truepenny: Which is why it would be egotistical of me to blog it.

matociquala: The purpose of blogging is to entertain your readers. *g*

truepenny: Bah.  Let them eat cake.

matociquala: *g* If I were mean, I would say I'm blogging this.

truepenny: Hee.

Well, it's not like I didn't tell you to blog it.  I would have no one to blame but myself.

Tags: joined in progress, the writer at work

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