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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

we're on the road and we're gunning for the buddha

I'm too stubborn to close the windows yet, because I like the air. But I am sitting on the futon-on-the-floor (really need to buy another frame soonish so I can start calling it "the couch" again; that's shorter) with Ethel in my lap. I am wearing fuzzy socks, a turtleneck, a flannel shirt (the purple and green one; it is the most dyketastic shirt the world has ever known) and I have a throw over my toes and the comforter wrapped around me.

I am a silly Bear.

I finished the first read-through of Undertow and the entering of Anne's line-edits just fifteen minutes ago. She went light on me, so it only took about two days, and I was distracted for large parts of that.

Tomorrow, I have to start revising to the actual, you know, notes. Which means I will be doing a good deal of thrashing in the wire for the next week or so. (It shouldn't take too long; the edits are light, and I am restless to start writing "Chatoyant," and perhaps "Upon Deaf Ears," and then there are those other short stories to consider.)

If you get the idea that I chant my pending projects softly to myself as a reminder, you wouldn't be far wrong. I like lists; they make things seem a little more orderly and manageable, and this is anything but a manageable business.

Ooo. I just realized, Carnival will be out in less than two months.

I am looking forward to seeing what y'all make of this one.

And on that note, I'd rather ought to crawl into my warm and comfy bed.



Day after day, week after week, month after month, you've kept me your readers on a sweetly baited hook for this one. Not fair.

*looks at wallet*

*whines piteously*

If you think the waiting is terrible for you, imagine what it's lik for me!

Sister, sister, pray for me.

I am a one-woman vector for wicked-ass earworms. It's like a sickness.

(Check out the number of David Bowie icons that have appeared on my flist in the last ten days if you don' believe me. *g*)

Re: In a black light trap, we make all our mistakes...

Oh, good - I'm not the only one to have been hit by the College Radio Nostalgia Time-Travelling Earworm of Doom, then.

It's nice, not being alone in the cold dark universe.
The shirt sounds fantastic. I want one.

I'm pretty darned bundled up here in the Williamette Valley, because I can't stand the idea of turning on the heat when the weather is going to continue to see-saw for another few weeks. So meanwhile it's paisley flannel pants and pirate socks and a long sleeved Tshirt and a sweater. I'd be annoyed but the days are glorious.

And when it gets too chilly there's always 65 pounds of Golden willing to sit on my feet.
good doggie.

Your icon always makes me want to quote The Last Unicorn, BTW. "Do not run from immortal things. It attracts their attention."
In less than two weeks I too will be able to wear turtlenecks and flannel while the window is open. Without roasting. (Dutch weather being what it is, it will probably be raining in, but I don't care.)

I can't tell you how I'm looking forward to it.

(Then again, a Phoenix->Netherlands move has enough in common with a Vegas->CT move, climatewise, that you probably already know.)
Solidarity is felt. Yes.
The high today is 88 F, down from a prediction of 90. It's fall. Every single day is like opening a gift-- "Hey, it's just chilly enough for a sweater and I can wear my favorite one! With TIGHTS!" "Oooh, it feels like spring." "Wow, it's hot out, and I can have ice cream!" "It is too cold in the morning not to wear a blanket. I love this weather." And the novelty of the weather won't wear off for at least a week.
I love this time of year with all the love in the world.
I think spring is a little better because I'm a plant fiend (I am already planning a scraggly little garden for the back yard, and I don't even know if I'm allowed to do that) and it's more jarring to come out of lab and have it still be light out than to come out of a long day and discover it's night.
But the last changing weather I had was spring, so perhaps I am misremembering fall.

Also, is that Emma Thompson? I cannot tell.
Emma as Beatrice. *g*
That's what I thought-- I've only seen her in Love Actually and Much Ado About Beatrice and Benedick. Very much like her.
You are a silly Bear, and I totally want a photo of you in that shirt, since it's my fave colors!