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I bet you a billion dollars that I'll never love you.

How have I survived livejournal for almost four years without this icon?

I'm certain I really don't know.

Got through the second pass, first 68 pages of Undertow today and celebrated with a little mild copyright infringement. There is going to be a third pass, alas. The first one was just to go through the manuscript and get the line-edits in (or out.) The second one is me reading the book again, so that I will have it fresh in my head, and trying to get the little fiddly bits of changes in place.

Thankfully, there are no major structural changes required by this edit. So the third pass will be trying to patch a couple of character and plot holes that I already knew about, and have tried to patch in various ways already. Le Sigh. Sometimes, the problems are not amenable to any kind of a fix.

I could fix them all with a scene or two, I think--if I had anywhere to put it, or any POV character who could possibly witness it. Or I could stick in a bloated and obvious flashback, because the subtle ways I was trying to inclue the information obviously aren't working.

Tomorrow, I have no plans except working. We'll see how far I get. I'm still having focus problems, which I attribute to the hell of deadline and working-two-jobs stress that was my summer. I'm still kind of trying to take it easy on myself. And really, my to-do list isn't too heinous right now; I just like it when it's even shorter.

Of course, the nature of life for the freelancer is that if the to-do list is short, you're in imminent danger of starving to death. Which, thankfully, is not the problem I am having any time soon.

Also, my new computer speakers are much easier on the ear than the old icky ones. Yay!

new & shiny > old & broken


And so, to bed.
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