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just to prove I'm working, a snippet from Undertow:

The yellow sun rode behind haze, swarms of no-see-me's zooming among the tassles. Greene's World was better than Earth that way; about half of the local biting insectoid life had no use for mammal blood. The leeches, however, weren't so particular. And the ragweed equivalents could have choked an elephant.

The air felt primitive. The rich scent of fermenting vegetation bubbled from beneath the water, and Jean's salt stung his cracked lip and his eyes, dried itchy among his stubble. Even to the profusion of alien flowers--mauve and white silverling with its feet wet and its belled heads shaded beneath taller plants, parasitic cutthroat weed threading from reed to reed, its waxy paraorchids dripping treacle-sweet beads of sap with which to trap small unwary creatures--the New Nile delta could have been Earth in the Upper Cretaceous. He could imagine a Dryptosaurus slipping along the shallow waterways, barely ruffling a leaf in passing. Eyeing him like the also-extinct tiger from between concealing reeds.

His hands sweated inside his fingerless gloves as he dragged the pole from the sucking mud of the channel bed and swung it forward. The strain caught him first along the biceps and across the shoulders, and as he leaned into the push, he felt it in chest, triceps, latissimus dorsi, hamstrings, calves. He tugged the pole again, let the momentum of the skiff draw it from the bottom, swung it up. The name of the game was control. He glanced over his shoulder, as if a dinosaur might in fact be considering him for its supper, and almost missed the blue rag with the knot tied downwards that marked the next turn.

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