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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Ich möcht die Welt zerreißen, sie Stück für Stück zergleißen

Poll #837767 What Should Bear Do Tonight

Having just sent the revised manuscript for UNDERTOW back to her editor, and having cancelled previous plans for the evening because she expected to be working, Bear should:

un-cancel the cancelled plans and go shoot things with arrows, and get ice cream
stay home, listen to Das Ich, and nurse her headache.
stare at the monitor and let her brain leak out her ears




As for the tickyboxes, the "!" character in Unix is referred as a bang, and I feel one should definitely bang when given a fair opportunity!


Before reading your comment, I looked at the poll results, and thought to myself, "Everyone loves a good bang!"
and here I thought the ticky-boxes were for cursing...
I was thinking: "hey! examples of morphographs used in the English othography system!"

...can you tell I wrote too many damn linguistics tests this week?
Nap, then go shoot things with arrows, and have ice cream
I'd also add ice cream to pretty much any of the options...
No ice cream unless I go to archery.

House rule. *g*
Just like whacking (pretend) things with sticks, shooting things is good for the soul. While I'm whacking and throwing, I expect you to be shooting.

Report required.
Really, I was voting for the ice cream; the shooting at things is optional :-)
Naps are under-rated.

Nap, which makes headache go away. Then the shooting and the ice cream.
I've always found shooting things cures headaches.
Ich spreche Deutsch, aber nicht so gut...



I read the header for this entry and fell out of my chair--immediately recognized it as a line from Das Ich's RE-Animat. Then I saw you were listening to the song. What the hell? I never would have guessed you would be familiar with the band. How awesome! Are you interested in the industrial music scene? I've been into industrial for a decade and a half, and saw Das Ich play in LA a couple years ago--a thrilling, savage experience. Now, if only I could get a good set of translations of their lyrics. The verse you quoted, with the little German I know, translates to--"I would tear the world apart, ripping it piece by piece." ("reissen" appears to be a typo in the liner notes of verb, "rissen.") Ah, it sounds so much more apocalyptic when growled auf Deutch, and what a great metaphor for the editorial experience. Apparently the lyrics of that album were heavily influenced by the German Expressionist poet, Gottfried Benn. Are you familiar with him? He's new to me, but his work is some of the most viceral, horrifying (and hauntingly beautiful) poetry I've ever read. A bit reminiscent of Rilke.

All the best, Rob

Re: Re-Animat

I'm actually not all that familiar with the industrial scene (I suck, in general, at any music "scene." I tend to hit individual artists and bounce and stick. My tastes are catholic, so--except for particular artists--I never get deep into anything.) but stillsostrange keeps sending me bits I like. Das Ich was a hit. *g*

Other than that, I only know the bits I pick up off Goth club playlists....

After a fair amount of back-and-forth, we decided that "zergleissen" is actually what he *is* saying, and that it's probably a coinage meaning "tear the shine off." So the translation becomes "I want to shred the world/piece by piece unbrighten it."

Which works pretty well.


That is cool about Benn. I did not know that, and it makes me wish my German was better. (I have regressed to the street-signs-and-menus level.)