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December 2021



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Paul Youll has posted some of the preliminary paintings for the Whiskey & Water cover to his website. I believe there are meant to be some tweaks before it winds up on the book cover, but since it's on the internets (and I stalk Paul) I think it's okay if I link these:


The whole thing.

I'm pretty sure none of those people are actually in the book, but hey, it's splashy!


*knuckles long night out of eyes*

Nice chair. And surely that's Kevin standing there wondering how much it's going to cost him and if there's a way to dodge the bill?

*wanders off to find caffeine...*
It's intended to be Matthew, actually. Although I think that guy at the back might be the werewolf....
Looks like Matthew's ponytail to me. :)
Matthew does't have a mullet. *g* All cover art to the contrary...
I hd to go look up mullets. And I must say, the picture is more attractive than the descriptions. . .but I never consider the cover art to be cannon, anyway.
But he does retain the same hair from the first cover. Although I was surprised by the shiny clothes on him.
The jacket should actually look more like the one linked in this post:

Which, oddly, I did not ever see until two weeks ago. (you have to do the click through thing because the page is set up to prevent direct linking)

But if you got rid of the microphone and made him a few years younger and the hair a bit longer, that could be a photograph of Matthew in his power-wizard drag. *g*
...well, if you allow for the fact that Matthew has a different body type and facial features, of course....
*aw* But it would be such a trip to read while picturing Bowie in the role. Of course, I might then start thinking of Labyrinth. But, still.
Yeah, picture David Bowie as a lifelong [spoiler]. *g* I double-dog dare you.
Tease! When is the book coming out?

I admit that I have a love-hate relationship with Blood & Iron, but Whiskey intrigued me enough for me to want to read the next. And now this comment...hmmm....I'm curious now.
Next July, IIRC.

Although I suspect if you disliked B&I, this one will annoy you even more. It is just like that, only even more so.
It's certainly going to do its job and get people to pick the book up off the shelf and take a look--very eye-catching, handsome, and intriguing!
yeah, I think it's definitely going to do the job.

Here's to lurid paperbacks!
Sweet! Congratulations!
It's a real eye-hook. (Though if that is intended to be Matthew, he's far, far too cool to be wearing an eighties mullet. Glurp.)
*g* I keep sending them pictures of Matthew Gray Gubler and Julian Rhind-Tutt and saying *there,* *that* hair.

Such is cover art.

It is a real eye hook, though. I love the color scheme and the movement.
Neat! With a title like Whiskey and Water, I was expecting it to be more of a Wild West cover scene, but this looks cool and different. I look forward to reading the book!

I love the cute servant devils with their tiny horns and neck ruffs! I want one for my very own!

They shed feathers....
But I bet they clean them up too...!
On the one hand, that throne looks an awful lot like how I imagine Mebd's to be, if a little less ... barbed.

On the plus hand however, I'm feeling Lucifer's eyes big-time :)
I'm Paul's bitch. *g* He's done five of my six covers so far, and I suspect he'll be doing the next three for those publishers, too.

I'm not sure many SF books get photomontage covers, unless they are trying to look Lit'ry.

And now I totally need to get some dragonscale seat covrs to pimp my living room.
You are a *font* of useful information. Thank you!

And yeah, the tights could be an issue.
::has belated thought::

Do you suppose it's supposed to be *censored* going to the court of *censored*?

hmm. Trying to not-spoiler makes it tough to be understandable.

::dies in orgasmic fit::
It is super pretty, innit?