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It just sank in.

I'm apparently successful enough at this writing thing to have become objectified into A Literary Persona.

Wow. That's kind of creepy, that is.

*pricks self*

Nope, I still leak.

The good news is, 1262 words on the Rock Elf story since yesterday. I am at an impasse, though, because I have to bring in the plot and the spec element now and I'm not sure how to do it.

snippet of rough draft:

Tracks:  How do you define yourself?
Loki:  I don't. (ironic laughter) Fuck, why do you people always ask me that?

another snippet of rough draft:

But there's something about Loki that makes you want to keep secrets. It's not just his lovers, the ephemeral ones or the very few that linger more than over breakfast. Even the interviewers do it, as if they can't help themselves. As if they need to hoard some fragment of him to gloat over later.

You do it too.

You see, his real name isn't Martin Trevor Blandsford. And he doesn’t come from here.

When he fell, you fell with him.

Not for rebellion, but for love.

I'm off! Talk amongst yourselves.

(This blog has a certain writer-typing-in-a-bookshop-window aspect sometimes, doesn't it?)
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