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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Things I learned or relearned today:

1. The map is not the territory

2. If you are really lucky, sometimes somebody you really liked when you were an insane traumatized fourteen-year-old will be somebody you still really like when you are 35, and vice versa.

3. When you feet hurt, it doesn't matter what else is going on around you.

4. Post Road Pumpkin Ale is not only delicious; it can make your feet nearly not hurt.

5. Geocaching is a crazy freaking hobby. And I still really like it.

There may be photos later in the week, including (per request) one of me in the dyketastic purple and green flannel shirt.


Good on yez.

:: wants photo ::
:: rubs feet ::
*shares beer*
Dude. Purple and green flannel? That rocks.

When you're through with it, you should leave it in a geocache so someone else can enjoy the dyketasticity.

I am so not giving up my shirt!!!!

I scored it at Goodwill fair and square. *g*
Hee hee.

My precioussssss....

I have flannels like that. They will be little frayed strings that only manage to suggest an air of plaidness before I give them up.
So do I.

There are two of my high school friends I've stayed in touch with, and I still just adore them both.

I am a lucky Bear.
#1 reminds me of a short story in the story discussion of Fragile Things

And as for #4, my life would be no worse if I never saw nor tasted another pumpkin. Ever.
Post Road Pumpkin Ale? That sounds interesting. Where do you find it?
Manchester Wine & Spirits.

Here's the animal: