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We lose all the best to the sea. We lose all the best to the sea.

I'm taking today and tomorrow off [which also means hiding in my cave like an introvert], which no doubt means I'll start writing compulsively at any moment. In any case, I wasted the morning on youtube, and I plan to go fix myself some lunch, open up a beer, and spend the afternoon watching The Greatest American Hero DVDs and letting my brain drain. As soon as I'm done glutting my senses on Peter Mulvey.

Yeah, I still have a to-do list. And it will also still be there Wednesday morning.

The weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday, I had lunch and dinner with Trevor and Marie, and between times Trevor and I went geocaching. As promised,

unflattering photo of Bear at Gay City State Park in Connecticut (yes, it really is called that, and yes there really used to be a Gay City. It was a milltown, and now it is a bunch of rock-lined holes in the ground) in the dyketastic purple and green shirt, shapeless jacket of shapelessness, and a deeply ironic Please-Don't-Shoot-Me-Orange Ukrainian Orange Revolution hat

Swamp, in Autumn

The same swamp, also in autumn

A different swamp nearby.

Sunday I spent with netcurmudgeon and ashacat: first, the former and I took a trip up to UConn to leaf-peep a little, and hiked up Horsebarn Hill (as featured in Blood & Iron and Whiskey & Water, though the astute will notice that I swapped the big oak and the big maple trees. Sh.). The leaves weren't at their peak, though, so though we got some beautiful views of the hills, and the sky, which was that color. You probably haven't seen that color, unless you've been to New England or the upper Midwest or southern Ontario in October.

There may be other places in the world that get it too, but I don't know where. It is the most fantastic blue in the world.

Then the three of us hung out, ate pizza, and played a little Call of Cthulhu, with netcurmudgeon serving as game master. Yes, I am a great big geek. It was deeply fun, too. Lots of footwork and police procedure. And both Asha and I got to have moments of in-character brilliance, which is always deeply satisfying.

And I refuse to feel guilty for taking four days more or less off. Take that, superego!
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