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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

every poet is a cannibal, every artist is a thief

Because, of course, nothing is so conducive to work as a day off....

Progress notes for 9 October 2006:

"Upon Deaf Ears"

New Words:  1556
Total Words: 3551
Pages: 19
Deadline: --
Reason for stopping: DRAFT! Which may be broken. And needs a decent title. And is all kind of not as emotionally pointy as it needs to be.

Stimulants:  Dogfish Head IPA
Exercise: none. I have had enough exercise.
Mammalian assistance: Mebd is ignoring me to sleep on the bed.
Mail: nomail

Today's words Word don't know: Zeppelinesque, bassline, Soho, wankers, très, butch, houngan, Norns, Surtur, fuckers, zine, pizzle, endoscopy,
Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a

Mean Things: scathing reviews, global irrelevance
Tyop du Jour: insticipation
Darling du jour: It's unwise to provoke him. But sometimes irresistible.
Jury-rigging: Did I mention that this whole thing is a teetering edifice of nontraditional, nonlinear narrative that may or may not work?

Also, making up titles for glam rock albums is fun. I may be turning into Grant Morrison, though.

There's always one more quirk in the character: The quirks are more or less the plot, at this point.
Other writing-related work: read a story for leahbobet.
Books in progress: I should finish Scandinavian Folk Belief and Legend.
The Internet is full of Things: via matt_arnold, Andart offers Warning Signs for Tomorrow.

A sampler:


Go read the site for the rest.

The glamour!: I need a nap


Those hazard icons could be of much use to any number of real and fictional organizations, I'd think. Thanks for the linkage.
The fact that Word doesn't know "endoscopy" used to cause me no end of annoyance, since I wrote documentation for medical software used by ENDOSCOPISTS in their ENDOSCOPY clinics.


I ended up just adding it to the dictionary so it would stop with the stupid red lines, but really...it's not like it's THAT unusual of a word!

Wait....it didn't know "butch?" Or "fuckers?" My...never would have figured ol' Bill for a prude..
Love the Warning Signs for Tomorrow! Thanks for the link.
I want a sheet of stickers of the memetic hazard one.

Re: Just don't go licking the mold in the tube stations.

I need people I can trust. I need them smart, and I need them good looking.
I just had to lift one of those for my userpic...

...the rest go right on my refrigerator door, I think.