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There goes all my Goth cred.

For some reason, the Rock Elf story (which is, four out of five critters agree, broken in its brokenness* ) left me with an uncontrollable urge to listen to Led Zeppelin.

Having approached the temple in a spirit of supplication and wondering.... forensic examination of my CD collection suggests that I own, in fact, five Led Zeppelin CDs. And four Robert Plant disks.

And upon digging some of it out to listen, I've discovered why I have this stuff. Reprehensible as the whole thing may have been from a non-musical perspective, this is actually pretty good crunchy blues.


I wonder what else is down there lurking. And what horrible truths it will reveal about my musical tastes in years gone by.

* The story wants to be a koan type of story, rather than a narrative type of story. ("The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" is a koan type of story.) The problem is, that it's not in balance, so the snap of the whole thing falling into place beautifully in the last paragraph...

...not so much yet.


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