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Kids, don't try this at home.

No, it's not NaDruWriNi.

This is all xiphias's fault.You see, he blogged recently on the delights of Booker's small batch bourbon. And having recently handed in a novel, and finished two short stories this week (and sold one of them! Clarkesworld Magazine will be publishing "Orm the Beautiful" at some future date, unless Fantasy is doing it, because oldcharliebrown didn't actually tell me what mag he was buying it for), and because Mysterious Galaxy says thumbs up on Carnival, and for I have cleaned the entire apartment (Seriously. This is kind of a nice place to live when it's not filthy) and because I just got paid, I decided that I could buy a bottle.

But they didn't have Booker's. They had Baker's, instead, which is another Jim Beam small-batch brew. (Like xiphias, I vote yes on Knob Creek.)

Anyway, having finished my housecleaning, I channeled my inner Jenny and poured myself a jigger of bourbon and a cup of coffee, and set down to read email. At about four thirty, I realized that it was probably time to go get the mail from the lobby. So I stood up.

And realized I was drunk.



Well, yanno, not drunk drunk. But I ain't driving anywhere.

We do note that this bourbon is 107 proof.

So, um, I had a duck I had to cook tonight (hi-roast duck recipe). Because the next opportunity is Monday and by then it would have been an ex-duck.

It's a good thing I have practice cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house. She is a notoriously heavy hand with the brandy Alexanders, you see. Which means I am an experienced hand at managing poultry while schnockered.

I didn't even cut my thumb off while butterflying the damned thing.

And oh, my GOD it smells like food.

Wow, this is nice bourbon.

And Sarah just sent me back Undertow with notes. Drunken editing is obviously the order of the night.

Oh, and I have kind of working maybe not-working titles for the Elizabethan books formerly known as The Stratford Man and The Journeyman Devil. I'm going to henceforth be calling them Ink & Pen and Hell & Earth (until further notice, which means when Susan or somebody decides what they'll actually be published under), though Liz my amazing editor has suggested EQUAL OPPORTUNITY SMUT #1, and EVERYBODY GETS LAID #2.


Really, there's more plot than smut.

Honest., this is nice bourbon.
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