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She's so swishy in her satin and tat, in her frock coat and bippety boppety hat.

You all should see the hat I bought at the Ren Faire on Saturday.* In fact, you will be able to, as soon as ashacat emails me the photo.

This is the sort of hat to make any self-respecting pimp or glam rocker cross the street to avoid it. Strong drag queens have been known to faint on mere exposure to such a hat as this.

This is the best hat ever.

It's a black velvet cavalier hat with a sculptable brim, so I can even turn it into a hideously over-elaborate tricorne if I am feeling piratical. The underside of the brim is finished with enough gold braid to blind an Age of Sail admiral, and by the time I was done with it, it had accrued both a jade-green ostrich feather and a peacock feather. It still needs a brooch of some kind, though. But not just any brooch, oh no. And I was threatening ashacat with finishing the underside with emerald Swarovski crystals scatter-sewn in among the braid.

This is a fantastic hat. It is a caricature of a cavalier's hat. It is Entirely Unsuitable.

I'm going to be wearing it to conventions, I expect. Award ceremonies. Any excuse at all. By my hat will ye know me.

I also may have found a supplier for my long-coveted ostentatious green-velvet-and-brocade patchwork frock coat, which I have wanted ever since I saw Gene Wilder's purple velvet one.

What? A girl needs something to wear to the Hugos.

*Generally, I kind of loathe Ren Faires. But this is a stylin' hat.
Tags: sartorial excess

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