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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie realism _ truepenny

Because I needed another David Bowie icon slightly less than I need more black boots...

truepenny made me this one. Which is way too excellent not to use.

It's the boxing gloves that make it.

As promised:

That's folded tricorn style, and without the feathers.

Also, you can catch a glimpse of Orm the Beautiful there under my cloak.


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That is one hell of a hat.

Also, the Venture Brothers season finale had a shapeshifting cartoon David Bowie in it. I thought of you the whole time.
Yanno, I spend years raving about The Avengers and The Man from UNCLE and Jethro Tull in this blog, and nothing. *g* One two-week Bowie splurge, and I'm marked for life.....

I kind of wish I'd seen that, though....
That is the best hat in the world.

And you look AWESOME in it.
It's a photograph fortuitously taken from the one angle I photograph well at. If you look at the photos of me on my website and Amazon, you will notice that they are also at a 3/4th angle, and look good. (And actually like me.)

As opposed to photos taken in profile or full-face, which all look very weird.

And yeah, it's A Hell Of A Hat, to quote the Bosstones.

Ooo, I must listen to that now....
Awesome hat--and it suits you to a "T". Cheers and smiles,
wait until you see it with the feathers on.

And the crystals.
indeed a nice hat... it does need more geegaws...write me down in the jealous column
that is a FABULOUS hat! and splendid, happy photo of you.

(and hello, Orm!)
:: hat jealousy ::
Lookit how cute you look! OMG! Tell me you didn't have men and women trailing you everywhere you went!
((crisp salute)) Welcome aboard, Commodore Bear! If you'll pardon me saying so, sir, you look a right dandy in your new hat!
*historial period/place this is meant to be set in: around the time of Pirates of the Caribbean, on the planet Disneyworld.
What a great pirate you make! May I also add that you look about seventeen in this photo, which makes me feel even more underaccomplished?

Can't wait for the crystals and feathers version. Please do post an update photo.
I in all honesty got carded a few months back, *and she didn't believe me.*

I have been legal to drink for fourteen years. :-P
My, that is quite the hat. And that's without the embellishments, you say? Oh dear.
You know, if your Bowie fascination gets beyond the you tube stage, and you feel the need for serious research, I have a ton of books on the Thin White Duke.
*g* My Bowie fandom is about twenty-five years old. I was just pimping truepenny this past month and got sucked into an obsessive listening phase.

Sorry but I only see a wide blank space, devoid of any picture.
And I share the Bowie fascination, completely.
I tried again with my office PC (much less powerful than my home PC) and it worked no problem. Strange. Very alluring, I think and quite cavalier...
That is surely the Hat of Love.
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