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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

They'll tell you all the girls are monsters, all the boys are whores.

Apparently, the post-novel ennui has finally, in a much-delayed fashion, arrived. I am snappish, self-loathing, short-tempered, without a span of attention, prickly, and generally craving introversion. So, of course, when is the next day I have to myself?

...looks like sometime after World Fantasy.

On the other hand, I did have a nice walk today, and mostly managed to keep to myself except for on the internets (which I can handle even at my most introverted) and one long phone call with my mom while I went for a walk up to Elizabeth Park and back. Also, I Did Something to my elbow while helping netcurmudgeon wreck his shed, and I'm thinking about taking the rest of the week off from the gym to see if it will mend itself, as it hasn't been, so much. Except I really need the exercise. Not that I'm losing any weight, but man, you should see my muscles. And if I'm already in a bad brain chemical place, regular exercise is one of the few things that will keep it from turning into a terrible brain chemical place.

Anyway, lovely walk. I hiked up to Elizabeth Park and walked around the rose garden a little. It's not dripping masses of bloom any more, but there's still a scattering of pretty flowers, and it's a nice walk, through a mostly-Victorian working-class neighborhood hung with shade trees.

I saw one rose that really pleased me. Carefree Delight, a single pink rose without much scent. Pink roses are not my favorite (pink anything is not my favorite) but this one was particularly neat. The closed buds are a striking salmon, and when the rose opens, its pale baby pink.

...except for the one petal on the outside, which remains bright dark salmon on the outside.

The blossoms are small, about the size of oh, a silver dollar. And there are lots of them. Very pretty.

Here's another.

In other news, I've just been reminded that I owe somebody an alternate history story that I have no idea how to write. See above, the self-loathing and feelings of stress.

I need to arrange my life to have less Things in it. And still somehow manage to see my friends.

I know, everybody should have such problems. I am feeling hibernatory, though.

Ah well. Perhaps I will commit yoga to the Squirrel Nut Zippers. That can't fail but perk me up.


Oh dear...I'm going to WFC too, and I was planning to chase The Hat down the corridors squeeing like the maniacal fangirl I am. What if I quietly offer to buy you a drink instead?
*g* or yanno, just come over and say hi. It's less likely to reduce me to spluttering incoherence....
Hee. See above re: fangirliness; if we're both incoherent we can just wave and smile. :-)
When I met Peter Beagle, I burst into tears.

We're cool. ;-)
Psst...Bear, those links show up with a protest about hotlinking.

Going through the site and searching for "Carefree Delight" only gets one to http://tinyurl.com/uemhd .

I'm guessing you mean it's like this: http://astrojan.fw.hu/flowers/1/roseabr.jpg ?
Bah. I did not hotlink! The rats. I can fix it.
Try it now.
I think the site is borken.

I tried it, and it *sort of* works, but then when I was clicking "next image" from the site itself, I got the hotlinking protest!!! (Sillybuggers. Meanwhile, I typo'd as "hotlicking". ;)
I just wanted to tell you that I admire your very healthy attitude towards your body.
You tell me what you can do in a gym that doesn't involve putting stress on your elbow. *g*

Re: Not a lot, but there are some things...

I use my arms for all of those except crunches, and I don't need to go to a gym for those.

Re: Not a lot, but there are some things...

Why on earth would you choose to walk on a treadmill unless you were already at the gym and the weather were crappy?

Squirrel Nut Zippers

If you enjoy Squirrel Nut Zippers you might also enjoy Firecracker -- The group includes Je Widenhouse who played trumpet and cornet with Squirrel Nut Zippers

Don't have self loathing - I command it. I just finished the Jenny books and I love you.

Of course, the man on the plane felt compelled to put his hand on my shoulder and ask if I was OK...
Thank you!

I'm really glad you liked them. And I'm sorry I embarrassed you.

So I take it the ending works?
No, Thank you!

You didn't embarrass me - but I think he was a mite...

Um, works? I certainly think so - I thought the monument was amazing - and - there are just moments (set pieces?) that are mind blowingly awesome. I loved the UN, all the Les stuff, all the birdcage/shiptree stuff, all the communication stuff. Jenny. Jenny. Jenny.

I did want the book with the 12 years in it. I mean - really, really want. I mean, I finally got to FLY Montreal...

The only character thing I felt lonely about was I wanted more Richard - after. Although, I got it, and I am being selfish. (OMG, the AI... ummm, well, I can't think of a non-spoilery word to use... Aggghhh) Wonderful... I was on the edge of my seat.
Well, I have vague plans for a sequel. After Dust, maybe.

Which would give you some of that.

Anyway, yay!!!
Yes, a resounding YAY.