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When I said that writers lead lives of unparalleled glamour, I wasn't kidding. (3)

Right. And our goal for today is to get some necessary reading done, so I will be immersed in the letters of John and Abigail Adams and Thomas Jefferson until it's time to go over to netcurmudgeon-and-ashacat's place for dinner and gaming and things. (I almost typed RPG, but it could be rocket-propelled grenades, you never know, and we don't want people getting the wrong impression.)

I did successfully get the laundry done and the dishes washed yesterday, though, so I'm ahead of the game in terms of not having too much cleaning up after myself to do today.

First things first, though. Which means I need to apply warm water and detergent to my external integument, and then find some trousers in the (clean, folded, not yet put away) laundry, make some coffee, and find something with calories in it to stave off incipient collapse.

And then pack my head with enough historical information that a story I've been blocked on for twelve months comes dribbling out my nose.(2)


That was probably unecessarily graphic, Bear.

I keep my nose clean
I keep my speech plain
I keep my promises
She twists the knife again.

--Richard Thompson

You ever notice that lj has like seventy mood choices for tired, stressed, cranky and out of sorts, but very few for things like "making myself helpful to others?"

Which is at least as much a "mood" as "high," because we are obviously using "mood" to mean "state of being."

I think I sense an editorial bias. Not so much a moss-troll (1)  issue as a hundred-words-for-snow issue.

(1) before you ask, the moss-troll problem:

(2) you knew this was a blog about the unparalleled glamour of life as a free-lance fiction writer when you signed on... *g*

(3) I was, however, unbelievable sarcastic.

Tags: can't sleep clowns will eat me, grave robbery on the high seas, history: not just for breakfast, lives of unparalleled glamour

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