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December 2021



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like boots or hearts, when they start they really fall apart

402 years ago today, Johannes Kepler noticed a bright spot in the sky.

I wrote a story about that, and some other stuff as well, including how Tycho Brahe was a much better scientist than Copernicus.

This seems like a fine day to give away some fiction. So go, read, enjoy.



I had a Brahe and Kepler story in Asimov's a while back...all about drinking bouts with Brahe's elk.

He was a better scientist but seriously hampered by being psychotic. Ah well. Something's got to give.
*g* The mercury poisoning might have had something to do with it.

I should find your story, obviously.

I am a great admirer of his relationship with his sister.

...that came out wrong.
If you can't find it, I'll send it to you.

Tycho Brahe: rock and roll astronomer.
You, ah, wrote it 402 years ago?
I am not even dignifying that with an answer. :-P
LJer cannot respond; has been eaten by octopus
I just read (and thoroughly enjoyed) that story in The Chains That You Refuse just a few nights ago.

I'm very entertained that--I wrote that story in 2003--in 2005 there were a spate of articles about the possibility that Kepler poisoned Brahe.

Of course, I don't get to claim it, because I didn't get the story into print until 2006.
I'd have poisoned Brahe, if I'd been Kepler.

Although Kepler always struck me as a twisted little shit.
Oh, you gotta tell me about the psychotic thing. I mean, I knew about the poor impulse control and the hard-drinking moose, but...
Oh, its my neighbors! (my address in Prague was on Tychonova street, two blocks from their former observatory.)
Plus, he had a much cooler name.
Mega bonus points for The Tragically Hip quote. :-)

Like the story too, for what it's worth.
Thank you!