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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

"Not everyone is from Boston, John."

Being three reviews and a few digressions, one useful and one that would be funny if you could read my unpublished manuscripts, so I can close some tabs:

Tangent Online reviews Baen's Universe #1, with a couple of paragraphs on "The Cold Blacksmith."  (Reviewer does not condone the thing with the goat.[1])

The blogger at Keeping In Touch liked Hammered a bunch.

oyceter was not so thrilled with Blood & Iron.

N.B: iTunes 7.01 has fixed the horrible static problem and instituted an occasional stutter. Verdict: stick to Winamp if you know what's good for you.

I wonder if the weird classic rock kick I've been on has anything to do with my telomeres shortening with age.

Right. Off to shower, and then go read some more about &^$^%(&^*& 1790-1800 in American politics. And maybe drink some coffee.

[1] That comment will be funny in 2010 or so, when Patience & Fortitude comes out. There's a bit where a character is explaining something about sex magic to somebody else, and brings up Crowley, and feels it needful to remark that although he has read Crowley, he (the person explaining) does not condone the thing with the goat. (If you don't know about the goat, yes, it's exactly what you are assuming, and don't google at work. Crowley's goat. Not my goat. My goat is pr0n-free.) 

It's freaking weird being a writer.


It's freaking weird being a writer.

but its nice, can be weird and use the excuse "I'm a writer." and get away with it :P
It's not me that's weird. It's the *job.*

I'm *eccentric*!! ;-)

I stand corrected... err sit actually.
*g* You get to be eccentric if you are wealthy, an artist, British, or from New England.

Otherwise, you're just weird.

Actually, it's nice being my own boss. I don't have to pretend be socially acceptable any more.
I cannot wait to get to that point, you know? You rock.
Well, so far so good. We'll see how I'm doing in five years....
"I'm not eccentric. I'm Swedish."
[1] That comment will be funny in 2010 or so

Yay! Sfnal humour, where the punchline exists in a whole different timeframe from the set-up! This we like...
*g* Yanno, we talk about the precariousness of the artistic lifestyle.

On the other hand, I know I'm at least partially employed through 2009.

How many of my friends can say that?
It's freaking weird being a writer.

Yes, but it's never boring. :-)
It's *all about the subtext*
Heh. My housemate regularly amuses herself poking through my search history logs. "What on earth were you looking for when you googled [insert bizarre phrase]?"

I'm just glad she never really expects an explanation.
And of course, in googling Crowley's goat, I find the following link about a teenaged boy named Dan Crowley who has published a book entitled 505 Weirdest Online Stores:

Which contains this wonderful quote:

Crowley's favorite weird sites include www.hamsterliberationfront.com, which has T-shirts featuring "Che Hamstera" and the politically incorrect "Gerbil Jihad" warrior.

"The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation ( www.goat-trauma.org) is another favorite," Crowley says. "They offer help for people who've been traumatized by goats as children."

Indeed, the site, which claims to offer support to people who've had bad petting zoo experiences, sells T-shirts for people living in "goat-infested" areas and bumper stickers that read "I Survived Goat Trauma." Most curious, though, considering that the site offers support for traumatized kids, are the toddler and baby clothes that feature an image of a goat head and slogans such as "Official Test Subject."