it's a great life, if you don't weaken (matociquala) wrote,
it's a great life, if you don't weaken

I'm tough and I'm driven, like a Maserati or something.

I'm hiding in my cave and reading, currently, and plan on doing the same thing tomorrow. The curse of introversion: every so often you just have to pull the world in after you, climb under the rug, and shake.

What I'm currently reading is Michael Chabon, The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay. I'm only about a hundred and fifty pages in, and enjoying it. It says on the cover that it's a WINNER of the PULITZER PRIZE (that's how it says it) but despite that, it's good. It is random and digressive and what plot there is keeps getting interrupted by long meandery passages of backstory, but despite that, Chabon's style is keeping me engaged. He's intermittently funny and intermittently touching, and I have yet to find anything that drove me as crazy as the random Parrot POV in his Sherlock Holmes book. (And what was *with* that, anyway?)

Anyway, I'm on vacation until Monday. If you're bored and want to pick my brain, I might even answer questions.

In other news, it should not be humanly possible to be this butch in gold lame.

Also, I love this guy. 

Feral. But willing to be petted.
Tags: full-formed from the head of seuss

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