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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I'm tough and I'm driven, like a Maserati or something.

I'm hiding in my cave and reading, currently, and plan on doing the same thing tomorrow. The curse of introversion: every so often you just have to pull the world in after you, climb under the rug, and shake.

What I'm currently reading is Michael Chabon, The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay. I'm only about a hundred and fifty pages in, and enjoying it. It says on the cover that it's a WINNER of the PULITZER PRIZE (that's how it says it) but despite that, it's good. It is random and digressive and what plot there is keeps getting interrupted by long meandery passages of backstory, but despite that, Chabon's style is keeping me engaged. He's intermittently funny and intermittently touching, and I have yet to find anything that drove me as crazy as the random Parrot POV in his Sherlock Holmes book. (And what was *with* that, anyway?)

Anyway, I'm on vacation until Monday. If you're bored and want to pick my brain, I might even answer questions.

In other news, it should not be humanly possible to be this butch in gold lame.

Also, I love this guy. 

Feral. But willing to be petted.


:: pets feral Bear ::
*pretends not to notice*
it should not be humanly possible to be this butch in gold lame.

It's the broccoli.
It's like popeye and spinach.

I suspect this is an extension of smearing himself with raw meat and peanut butter. Now he serves himself with side dishes.
Hee. As I just said above, he's graduated from smearing himself with raw meat, and now serves himself with healthy side dishes.
Letterman audience? So has no idea how to handle that man.
They've got Funtime too, I think, with Bowie on keyboards.

They used to tour together a bunch.

Yes, if I had a time machine, I would spend a lot of time at concerts.

Look, bonus Tom Waits!


Oh, my God. The Funtime with Bowie on keyboards thing is from the Dinah Shore show. There she is, perfectly coiffed blonde in a conservative sweater, with her well modulated voice and her air of togetherness. Then the camera pans over to Iggy Pop, shirtless and gyrating like an eel, and my brain is broke.

Hah! I think I've just witnessed that culural divide you mentioned before.
*g* You should see the Bowie/Shore interview where they decide to give poor David karate lessons.

The instructor would make three of him. "So, if you're assaulted--"

"I would scream like a girl."

It's on youtube if you poke around.
"So, if you're assaulted--"

"I would scream like a girl."

Oh, hee! I do believe I saw that when I looked through the Bowie interview links you gave me a while back. There wasdissonance there, but it was more... playful. Bowie, even hyped up on cocaine, was more adaptable and less a force of grating, broken-glass like anarchy than Iggy Pop seems. Bowie was more like a magician who would gleefully subvert the world apart, thread at a time, and Iggy Pop comes across as a guy who will EATYOURFUCKINGFACEBITCH.

I mean, Bowie made a little teeth-snap at the woman, and he still wasn't as scary. Er, this is really the first time I've been exposed to Iggy Pop, and I'm bouncing hard off his work here.

And more Tom waits, now with 50% more emus.


Also, David Dyne and Cole Porter, together again for the first time. I love this clip.


I love the future.
David *Byrne* goddamit.
*slides Bear-Treats under the door*

*tip-toes away*
takeout sashimi!

Bears ALWAYS like salmon.
...and, just in case you missed it:

All eighteen pages of the concert rider (Band requirements) for the current "Iggy and the Stooges" tour.

A long time ago, in a hellhole called L.A., I had to deal with these things on a regular basis. I assure you, this one is worthy reading for any concert going music fan.
"...and two heavy-duty fans, so that I can wear a scarf and pretend to be in a Bon Jovi video."
Thanks! I linked that last week sometime, I think.

It is the funnest thing ever!

eee. LA.
In my perfect camp world, somewhere there is a cover of David Bowie and Iggy Pop singing "I'm too sexy for my shirt." Bowie is wearing something lime-green, with bright orange embroidery, and Pop is naked from the pubic bone up.

Fortunately, my imagination is kept safely under lock and key these days.
One of the disturbingly good things about Kavalier and Clay is how skillfully it blends history with fiction.
I mean, I grew up reading Jules Feiffer's Great Comic Book Heroes with accounts of what the Golden Age of comics was like behind the scenes for its creators. And while I recognize some of what Chabon writes as true facts, I can't always tell where reality ends...

Majorly cool.
And while I recognize some of what Chabon writes as true facts, I can't always tell where reality ends...

The magic trick in action. *g*

Yes. I'm enjoying watching him seed plot threads....
A clerk at the used bookstore across the street from work looks like he should Iggy Popp's kid brother. Now I can't look at Iggy without thinking of that sweet dusty used-book-store smell.


It also shouldn't be possible for someone that ugly to be that HOT, but he most certainly is.

*fans self*
stillsostrange and I were discussing just last night that the only thing hotter than Jim's abs is Jim's back.


Not bad for 59.

Re: hmm...

To me he reads very butch, the more so because he does punctuate it with more femme gestures. (Sort of the complement to Bowie's femme-presentation-puntuated-with-smatters-of-ultrabutch.) He's a small person, but he takes up an enormous amount of space with his body. The way he drapes himself over the microphone stand is dominating: he encompasses it.

The punctuation--the shimmy, for example--is part of it. Because it draws attention, when he does it, not to a feminine curve, but the ripped muscles in his back. Like the opera gloves and the eyeliner.

While you're over on youtube, look for a CBC interview with Iggy from the 70's, and look how he crosses his legs, the way he expands to fill the chair he's sitting in, the way he sticks his elbows out. He's wearing eyeliner and lipstick, and you'd *never* take him for a woman.

Yes, very feline. But--to me anyway--feline =/= femme. Feral, rather.


Re: hmm...

Ahh, thank you, that does clarify. I agree on the "taking up space", how it makes you think he's much bigger physically than he actually is.