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...up where the air is fresh and cool.

And like magic, cover art appears:

I think it will look nice next to the Blood & Iron cover.

July '07.

If you weren't planning on doing anything else today, my continued wandering through Youtube has netted a perfect bonanza of somewhat unofficial Tom Waits concert footage. 

Pretty soon, we'll be piping this stuff into our brains. And then the opportunity for computer viruses and identity theft will be a real plot-generator.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the ability to hypertext in in-person conversation. It would speed things up enormously. Of course, we'll need more synapses to coordinate the parallel information inflow, but that's just a minor technical challenge.

I kind of think all the research into voice recognition is going to turn out to be long-term, wasted. Because audio/verbal is a slow, linear, single-track way to process information.

P.S. Itinerant author rezendi takes a train to Lhasa.

Less-itinerant author sartorias talks about the importance of spooky tenderness in art. I know exactly what she means, and couldn't agree more.


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