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bear by san

March 2017



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twain & tesla

His youth a fountain. Overdrafted and still counting.

(title for triciasullivan)

One more reason why I like living in New England. The Connecticut Department of Homeland Security is apparently one of the donors to our local NPR station.

(For non-Americans, or Americans who get their news from CNN, National Public Radio is a privately-run not-for-profit agency, not a government-controlled broadcast arm, and not a crown corporation like the BBC or CBC. [I have a British friend who does not believe me on this point, but there you go. It's paid for by the listeners.] Public radio stations get about 2% of their funding by applying for grants, and that percentage keeps shrinking; most of the money comes from corporations trying to appear to be good citizens, philanthropical organizations, and community members with some extra dosh. Memberships run about $35.00 a year at the base rate.)

Anyway, NPR is one of the better news sources around, although they are fairly frequently accused of having a liberal bias. (This generally means that they're slightly to the left of Richard Nixon, by American political standards.) 

The announcement of sponsorship was in the same station break as a promo for "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me," a humorous news quiz show generally devoted to mocking President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, and whatever incidentals might happen along in the interim. This particular promo went something to the effect of, "Now that President Bush has the power to detain and torture anyone he likes, today's broadcast of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me will be replaced with an hour of patriotic music."

...in Yankeeland, even the fascists support mocking the government.



Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is dedicated to mocking whatever's going on.

They started during the Clinton administration, and nobody was certain that there was any real long-term prospects for a political humor quiz show. The next week, the Lewinsky story broke.
For the last six years, I stand by my statement.

In 2008, they will begin mocking somebody else.

I hope.
"Now that President Bush has the power to detain and torture anyone he likes,"

And anyone he dislikes as well...
In Lee, MA, where a friend of mine lives, someone put a 'support Bush' poster up on their lawn and EVERYONE talked about it for weeks, in the sort of voice you use when one of your neighbours has been arrested for molesting goats.

You could kind of understand goat-molesting.
*g* Did you see the link to the original photo?

Minnesota has a pretty good public radio network, one I think could go head to head with Connecticut's.

We get Wait Wait... on Sunday's, and I look forward to listening to it, since I am usually driving to the store or the like when it is on.
...one I think could go head to head with Connecticut's.

And kick it to the curb!

As a Nutmegger who has been listenting to public radio for over a decade, I can attest that MPR puts out better shows than CPBI -- Connecticut Public Broadcasting Inc. (an entity that seems to have forgotten that it's supposed to be a non-profit). My usual station of choice is WFCR (Five College Radio) in Massachusetts.
And they'd both bow before the awesomeness of WAMC.

You can't beat a station with a humungous regional news service and fund drives with a yodeled version of The William Tell Overture.

Plus also, my daughter's essay on reading, sometime in December or January. (^_^)
'Tis true, we are not worthy. 90.3 ... you can juuuust pull it in here, if you're on a hill-top.
oh thank you thank you thank you


i am happy
you're adorable, you know that?
you wouldn't say that if you could hear me sing
The best NPR station I've ever found is WAMC out of Albany, NY. They are absolutely no-apology take-no-prisoners liberal on politics and the current administration. I'm not sure where in CT you are, but I get it out here in MA so it's got a pretty big range. I think they also have affiliate stations around, widening their coverage.

Not to in any way sway you from your local station, but I thought I'd mention it...


>>not a government-controlled broadcast arm<<

In my younger and far more politically naive years (that is to say, the late 1980's and early 1990's), I was a Rush Limbaugh fan and didn't listen to NPR specifically because he claimed it was a government-controlled broadcast arm, almost wholly government funded, and that it was created by Lyndon Johnson to turn people into Democrats. That latter he didn't just say as his opinion--he gave the first year of its government funding, the amount of the funding, and "quotes" from Johnson to that effect. Needless to say, all of Rush's supposed facts, including the alleged LBJ quotes, about NPR were complete fabrications from beginning to end. He even gave the wrong year for NPR first going on the air.

NPR is now by far my primary source of broadcast news (that is, radio or TV, not including the Web). Because I'm an enemy combatant by some NeoCon definitions, my secondmost source of broadcast news is foreign broadcasters on shortwave radio.


You are wise.