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practice, practice, practice

Training for greatness.

via jaylake

I think the article is probably oversimplified: I think one's field of endeavor is often determined by what one has a knack for, or interest in. because the passion is what keeps you going after the study, and makes the study rewarding.

Somebody memorably said, "You gotta want it."

(Just to check in, if you discount the three years I took off from fiction writing in the late 1990's, I'd been working on this writing gig... shit. I wrote my first short story when I was six? And got Serious about someday selling a novel when I was in fifth grade or so. Man, call it twenty years, and you wouldn't be far off.

And I'm far from one of the best around. (The nice thing about a career in the arts is that you can, in fact, continue to improve over a lifetime. Eventually, the brain goes, but as long as you've got that and hands--or eyes or ears or a voice, depending on your particular field of endeavor--the experience builds. Okay, you may become incomprehensibly dense, or set in your ways, but if you avoid those pitfalls...))

Good thing I like my job.

This is why I need the guitar practice, actually. Because it's fun, not *work.*

The cat is sitting on my mousepad staring at me, and I should go feed her, make tea, shower, practice, and work on this silly story. The second vampire is working out well; he's demonstrating a bunch of things about Sebastien that have been told a few times, but not shown. And he'll present a nice moral quandary in the long run.

Also, I get to call somebody Epaphras. Which alone is worth the price of admission.

As is today's APOD. Check this out: It's gorgeous.

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