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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Forever, just the word that she said that means never

I'm doing this radical innovative thing where I listen to entire CDs, instead of cherrypicking my favorite songs onto thematic playlists for whatever the work in progress is.

The innovative thing is actually working out rather well, except for when I tried to listen to all of an REM CD.

That was a mistake. 

Okay, what I like I really like, but to my ear there's only enough tolerable music in the entire discography to fill maybe a double CD.


Dear Mr. Jack White,

Please put all the lyrics in the liner notes, you wanker. It was bad enough on White Blood Cells when you left entire verses out to see if we were paying attention, but this thing where there are blank decorated pages that obviously God intended to have lyrics on them is just cruel.

The lovely velvet jacket and top hat are all very nice, and the ex-wife is cute in that dress, but if you do not give me sufficient interesting liner notes, I will have no reason not to steal your music off the internets, and then where will you be?

Nolove, Bear.

(Jack says that he can tell that we are gonna be friends. I say, only if he puts all the lyrics in the sleeve.)



So true about the White Stripes liner notes!

I find that Get Behind Me Satan works nicely as a double feature with Oingo Boingo's Dark at the End of the Tunnel, what with both being so marimba-heavy.

Poor Jack White, always strung out over some woman, but at least he still has his marimba.
We'll always have the marimba.
Aimee Mann has awesome liner notes...With all the lyrics, even! ^_^

re: entire cds

My mother considers it a moral failing that I skip around on cds, instead of listening to the whole album straight through every time (as she contends she had to do with her records) in order to grow to like the songs in between my favorites.

I contend she thinks too much about such things. And that some songs are beyond liking. And that good liner notes can make the difference.
The number of albums amongst my couple of thousand that I like EVERY track on has got to be in single figures, but I still usually listen right through in most cases. Its happened enough times that a song I didn't like has suddenly leapt into context or i've heard it in a different way and I realised I do like it after all. At least on that day.

I'd like more bands to do actual liner notes, like those essays on old jazz albums, or the rambling things people put on in the 60s. Doesn't have to be the actual lyrics, though that is nice.

LOL - That Jack...
Which one did you try to listen to all the way through? The best candidates for that are "Reckoning" and "Life's Rich Pageant." "Reckoning" is a major comfort album for me. The others... not so much.

Also, you will be needing to listen to "Welcome to the Black Parade." Yesterday, if possible. If you don't want to spend the money on it, I believe it's still streaming at http://www.theblackparade.com . They acknowledge that they were being ambitious and trying to make something in the spirit of "A Night at the Opera" or "The Wall."

I think they pulled it off.

I also hear echoes of Ziggy Stardust and Abbey Road, among other influences.

Go listen.