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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

it's a hard undeath wherever you go.

[23:33] matociquala: I should make a list of the things Sebastien has no practical experience of, having been dead for eleven hundred years.
[23:33] matociquala: Tea.
[23:34] matociquala: Coffee.
[23:34] matociquala: Ice cream.
[23:34] leahbobet: ...oh, that is sad.
[23:34] leahbobet: Refined sugar.
[23:35] leahbobet: Tobacco.
[23:35] matociquala: blowjobs.
[23:35] katallen: I'm not sure there's a dating on those
[23:35] matociquala: No, vampires can apparently smoke, because Epaphras does.
[23:35] katallen: ::grins::
[23:35] stillsostrange: smoking's easy
[23:35] matociquala: He's actually never had sex the human way, poor dove.
[23:35] leahbobet: Aww.
[23:35] leahbobet: It is a hard unlife.
[23:35] matociquala: It is.
[23:35] stillsostrange: and it helps you remember to breathe in public
[23:36] leahbobet: How's his temperature perception?
[23:36] matociquala: fine.
[23:36] katallen: pre-unlife not so much un either
[23:37] matociquala: Alcohol at all, actually.
[23:37] leahbobet: Zits.
[23:37] matociquala: Hee. He knows about zits.
[23:38] matociquala: elastic underwear chafing, though.
[23:38] matociquala: totally a mystery.
[23:39] leahbobet: heeee.
[23:39] matociquala: fountain sodas
[23:40] leahbobet: Creme brulee!
[23:43] matociquala: (eee!)


So, why wouldn't he know about elastic underwear chafing? Is it a rule of the undead that they walk about commando all the time? Or is Vampire skin tough enough that mere fabric rubbing won't cause it to break? And how, if he's undead and doesn't need to breathe, would smoking be anything more then a breath exercise? He might as well smoke woodchips, unless it's a flavor thing, at which point he could just pull a Metatron ("Hence, all the spitting") for things like the flavor of ice cream/tea/coffee/etc.
*g* Nobody ever said that *drugs* don't affect the undead.

However, a GI system adapted to blood is also going to affect the tast of other things, don't you think?
Sure, but at that point, alcohol and tea/coffee are acquired poisions, just like they are to humans.

(At least for spirits. Beer/wine would probably be different.)
No, because the method of injestion is different. If you wanted to snort vaporized grain alcohol, then you're talking.
I was talking about taste, not effect.
I'm assuming that if your physiology has changed enough to make the taste of blood palatable, it's changed enough to alter the taste of everything else as well.

Generally, things that are toxic to us taste bad.
...like tobacco smoke and vodka? ;-)

(Besides, I rather like the taste of blood, at least in middling quantities.)
Exactly like tobacco smoke and vodka. This is why the category of things we call "acquired tastes" exists. Interestingly, there is some evidence that persons with a genetic predisposition to alcoholism have a greater tolerance for sour and bitter flavors.

Blood is not toxic to you. In fact, as blood puddings and black sausage and the preponderance of Maori cuisine would suggest, it does contain some nutritional value. (I am assuming it's also not a sole dietary requirement for you, and an addictive substance, at that.

I've been thinking about this in depth for years and explaining it repeatly is rather boring, so you'll excuse me if I recuse myself from the conversation at this point.
Most of these are probably obvious, but you got me thinking :-)

Artificial fibers
Corn (meaning maize), tomatoes, potatoes, squash, pumpkin. Cucumbers were a novelty.
Chewing gum.

If he's been undead-and-asleep for 1100 years, then when he went to sleep, there was still a Roman Empire (the term Byzantium is a modernism; Constantiople's rulers continued to think of themselves as the Roman Empire in the East) as well as a Holy Roman Empire.

England was still Saxon. Well, Angle, Saxon, Dane, and Jute. In fact, the concept of 'England' was still a new one, Alfred having only just pulled it all together a couple years ago. The Khazar kings were just starting to convert to Judaism, which didn't make them any more popular with their Byzantine or Muslim neighbours. Russia didn't exist yet. Hell, France, per se, didn't exist yet, although there was a King of the Franks. Depending on how exactly 1100 years ago it was, said King of the Franks may or may not have just given Normandy away (911).

I'll stop now :-)
REWIND! He has never, ever experienced the joys of rewind. Pity him.


No coffee. Oh, that hurts my heart.

Re: Wah.

No chocolate. *g*

Undeath is rough.
He's not going to be deterred by firearms and he's not going to know how to cross the street safely.
Well, he's been paying attention for the last 1100 years. He just doesn't have a GI system as you and I know it.
Okay: how about no curry or chilli?
Definitely no chili. Curry... I'd have to do research, as he's from Moorish Spain originally.
no, not curry.
not forks - forks are 16th century.
mmm, fun game!

Oh, wait, someone said that.