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it's a hard undeath wherever you go.

[23:33] matociquala: I should make a list of the things Sebastien has no practical experience of, having been dead for eleven hundred years.
[23:33] matociquala: Tea.
[23:34] matociquala: Coffee.
[23:34] matociquala: Ice cream.
[23:34] leahbobet: ...oh, that is sad.
[23:34] leahbobet: Refined sugar.
[23:35] leahbobet: Tobacco.
[23:35] matociquala: blowjobs.
[23:35] katallen: I'm not sure there's a dating on those
[23:35] matociquala: No, vampires can apparently smoke, because Epaphras does.
[23:35] katallen: ::grins::
[23:35] stillsostrange: smoking's easy
[23:35] matociquala: He's actually never had sex the human way, poor dove.
[23:35] leahbobet: Aww.
[23:35] leahbobet: It is a hard unlife.
[23:35] matociquala: It is.
[23:35] stillsostrange: and it helps you remember to breathe in public
[23:36] leahbobet: How's his temperature perception?
[23:36] matociquala: fine.
[23:36] katallen: pre-unlife not so much un either
[23:37] matociquala: Alcohol at all, actually.
[23:37] leahbobet: Zits.
[23:37] matociquala: Hee. He knows about zits.
[23:38] matociquala: elastic underwear chafing, though.
[23:38] matociquala: totally a mystery.
[23:39] leahbobet: heeee.
[23:39] matociquala: fountain sodas
[23:40] leahbobet: Creme brulee!
[23:43] matociquala: (eee!)
Tags: chatroom transcripts, new amsterdam
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