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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

The secret to surviving is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep

So, there was the Savoy cabbage in the fridge that needed used, and me without a veg for dinner last night. Anyway. I shredded the thing, chopped two apples, heated some avocado oil and some chili ginger sesame oil in the bottom of the big pot, added fennel and caraway seeds, threw the cabbage-and-apples on top, sprinkled the whole thing liberally with dill and basil and pear-infused white balsamic vinegar and sriracha chili garlic sauce, threw on a half cup of water, stirred until it steamed, turned off the heat, and went away for twenty minutes.


Also, good cold the next morning with sour cream on top.

Just saying.


Sounds delicious! And something for me to try, and not too high in carbs for my diabetic self to worry about.

Darn you! Now I need to go buy some cabbage.
I live to serve.
I did something similar with the leftover sugar snap peas and carrots. But not for breakfast.

What's wrong with veg for breakfast? I mean, it's already fusion cuisine... *g*
I like crunch with my breakfast. Would ahve to put it on a toasted english muffin, and cheddar and granny smith apples works so much better for that...
The cabbage is crunchy. *g*
We always do stewed cabbage for Christmas, and I steal all the leftovers. Have you tried leftover stewed cabbage on top of baked potato? Mmm. It is my favorite lazy holiday season lunch.
but why did you spoil it with fennel seeds?

otherwise, it sounds quite yummy.
Because they taste good in it, foolish creature.
Fennel seeds don't taste good in ANYTHING. Ptooey.
Cabbage is great in stir fries, although I'm with your correspondent on the fennel seeds...anything aniseedy, I just can't do. But naturally mileage varies.

I've just had steamed kale, which some people abhor.
What did the world do before sriracha chili sauce? I ask you.
suffered a thousand miserable chili-garlic-sauce-less deaths.
Holy crap, that sounds amazing.