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truer than it needs to be...

[22:51] leahbobet: ...Shakespeare has an IMDB entry.
[22:51] leahbobet: For some reason this shakes my world.
[22:51] matociquala: Hee
[22:51] matociquala: You didn't know that?
[22:51] matociquala: When he starts turning up "actor" credits I'll worry.
[22:51] leahbobet: I just found it. *g*
[22:52] matociquala:
[22:52] leahbobet: ...
[22:52] matociquala: *g*
[22:52] leahbobet: I wonder if he's laughing quietly over in Faerie. *g*
[22:53] leahbobet: Like when he googles himself.
[22:53] matociquala: He sneaks over to add completely bogus stuff once in a while
[22:53] matociquala: Hee
[22:53] leahbobet: heeeee.
[22:53] stillnotbored: *g*
[22:53] leahbobet: And then they all crowd around the one computer there and laugh their asses off.
[22:53] leahbobet: And go get drunk on glamoured wine.
[22:53] matociquala:
[22:54] leahbobet: Ben calls them all nancies for vanity-googling so often but he sneaks out of bed to do it at night.
[22:54] matociquala: heee
[22:54] leahbobet: And gets into fights with a sock puppet on the IMDB message boards.
[22:54] matociquala: Ben totally has sock puppets.
[22:54] matociquala: A whole stable of them.
[22:55] leahbobet: He gets them into flame wars.
[22:55] leahbobet: And sits back to watch.
[22:55] katallen: (is it a stable or a drawer?)
[22:55] matociquala:
[22:55] matociquala: There's a bunch of great ones.
[22:55] matociquala:
[22:56] leahbobet: George Bernard Shaw would be that guy who never snips his posts.
[22:56] matociquala: Hah!
[22:56] matociquala: Oh god.
[22:56] leahbobet: Moliere, however, never uses capital letters.
[22:56] matociquala: And types in funny voices.
[22:57] leahbobet: (someone has to blog this.)
[22:57] matociquala: with too! much! punctuation!
[22:57] matociquala: (I will)
[22:57] leahbobet: heeeee!
[22:57] leahbobet: (okay. *g*)
[22:57] matociquala: Shaw and Jonson actually had a flame war on GEnie back in the old days
[22:57] leahbobet: LOL
[22:57] matociquala: that was printed out and circulated in dot matrix manuscript.
[22:57] matociquala: It's legendary.
[22:58] leahbobet: They don't talk to each other at cons now.
[22:58] matociquala:
[22:58] leahbobet: Don't even need to put each other on the "panelists I don't want to be on panels with" lists.
[22:58] matociquala: Not since Jonson stuck Shaw's tie in the onion dip at the Tor party
[22:58] leahbobet: Oscar Wilde actually orchestrated that.
[22:58] leahbobet: And everybody knows except for the two of them.
[22:58] matociquala: Well, DUH.
[22:59] leahbobet: Because he told them all about it, later, while he was drunk in his pile of boys.
[22:59] matociquala: That's because Wilde got Marlowe to tell Jonson that he totally did not have the balls to go up to Shaw and tell him what he thought of him.
[22:59] leahbobet: (ooh hey: )
[22:59] matociquala:
[23:00] leahbobet: And he'd bought Jonson and Shaw a few beers each...
[23:00] leahbobet: So they were a little soused.
[23:00] matociquala: ooo
[23:00] leahbobet: Yeah, I waaaaaant.
[23:00] stillsostrange: ooooooh
[23:00] matociquala: Shakespeare was under the arboretum with Aphra Behn
[23:00] matociquala: He missed the whole thing
[23:01] matociquala: But is still telling people he was there.
[23:01] leahbobet: LOL
[23:01] matociquala: Poser.
[23:01] leahbobet: I love you guys. *g*
[23:01] matociquala: Everybody knows he used to write Ovid slashfic.
[23:01] matociquala: And now he's all down on his fandom.
[23:02] leahbobet: I heard the Ovid fanwriters sent out a mass-mail when he published his first play.
[23:02] leahbobet: Saying he's a plagiarist.
[23:02] matociquala: Seriously?
[23:02] leahbobet: Seriously.
[23:02] matociquala: I bet Marlowe was behind it.
[23:02] leahbobet: And Donne and Chaucer just ignored it, but still.
[23:03] matociquala: He used to write pr0n on the internets too.
[23:03] matociquala: probably still does.
[23:03] matociquala: Sockpuppets.
[23:03] stillnotbored: *eyes the room*
[23:03] stillnotbored: that explains so much
[23:03] leahbobet: Marlowe's actually writing the new Anita Blake comic.
[23:03] matociquala: And then there's Milton with the Bible slash.
[23:03] matociquala: Oh, well, that might be pretty good then.
[23:04] matociquala: At least John doesn't hide it, though.
[23:04] leahbobet: Cosplays and everything.
[23:04] leahbobet: With the wings.
[23:04] matociquala: Oh, I gotta google up some pics.
[23:05] matociquala: But Will's practically employing a whole freaking stable of lawyers sending out cease and desist letters...
[23:05] matociquala: You'd think he didn't steal that whole Romeo and Juliet thing his own self.
[23:05] matociquala: I can't stand that guy.
[23:05] leahbobet: Insecurity. *tsk*
[23:06] leahbobet: Eh, they're all genre hacks anyways.
[23:06] matociquala: Chaucer's pretty cool.
[23:06] matociquala: I like his blog.
[23:06] matociquala: Maybe a little self-absorbed.
[23:07] leahbobet: Had pirates!
[23:07] matociquala: hee
[23:07] matociquala: Pirates are good.
[23:07] matociquala: Those guys.
[23:08] matociquala: I wish they'd stop wanking over whether the revenge tragedy is dead though
[23:08] leahbobet: LOL
[23:08] matociquala: And the fine dividing line between a history and a comedy.
[23:08] matociquala: historiocomedy
[23:08] matociquala: mundane tragedy
[23:08] matociquala: whatever.
[23:08] matociquala: it's all blank verse.
[23:09] matociquala: comedopunk.
[23:09] leahbobet: And only makes up a tiny percentage of book sales.
[23:09] leahbobet: The real money's in romance.
[23:09] matociquala: Oh, yeah, it's all about masques.
[23:09] matociquala: The public stage play is a dying art.
[23:10] leahbobet: Clearly society is going to hell.
[23:10] katallen: ::dies quietly::
[23:10] matociquala: If only we used bigger buckets of blood.
[23:10] matociquala: Like in the old days.
[23:10] matociquala: Titus Andronicus!
[23:10] matociquala: The Spanish Tragedy!
[23:10] matociquala: The audience would show up wrapped in layers of sheep's intestine.
[23:10] matociquala: THOSE WERE PLAYS.
[23:11] leahbobet: The sensoviscera is all gone now.
[23:11] matociquala: Bring back that kind of spectacle, and the audiences will come back.
[23:11] matociquala: And more amputations.
[23:11] matociquala: We need to hire some amputees so we can fake better stage dismemberments.
[23:11] matociquala: Or maybe cut off real hands.
[23:11] matociquala: Combine bear baiting with history plays.
[23:12] leahbobet: That's kinda crossgenre.
[23:12] matociquala: A little music.
[23:12] matociquala: and a bit with a dog.
[23:12] leahbobet: *ded*
[23:12] matociquala: if you build it they will come.
[23:12] leahbobet: How?
[23:12] matociquala: Neighbors gonna start pounding on the wall in a second. *g*
[23:12] leahbobet: We don't know. It's a miracle.
[23:12] leahbobet: heeeee.
[23:12] matociquala: LOL
[23:12] leahbobet: Er, mystery. *g*
[23:12] matociquala: *blogs*

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