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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Abby Irene, the goddamned lush, demands a G&T before we go any further. I'll be back after I trot out to the packie and back.

Ah well, good excuse for a walk.



Is packie short for package store? 'cause that's where my grandfather took us for his *cough medicine* and to this day, I still slip sometimes and say I'm going to the *package store* and all the non-military raised (all) of my family look at me as if I've caught the loons...
The packie is the package store.

It's a New England regionalism, as far as I know. Because the liquor laws here are such that hard liquor cannot be sold at the grocery or drug store, as it is in other parts of the country.
Texas, too. We can't even buy beer before noon Sundays.
Liquor may be purchased between 8 am-9pm m-sat. Stores are closed sundays and holidays. *g*

You should be home with your family, not drinking in alleys.

*looks Puritan*

*fools no-one*
As we used to say of customers who showed up three minutes after we closed the wine store (at 10pm) -- "Your alcoholism does not constitute an emergency on our part. Plan better next weekend, shmuck."

Stores are closed sundays and holidays.

Still? I'm...impressed might be the word I want.

Eighteen years ago, when we came to Maine, the blue laws were still in effect, and EVERYthing closed on Sunday. Quite a shock the first time I decided to drop by the grocery on Sunday evening for dinner and a bottle of wine. Also? You had to go to the State Store for the hard stuff.

I think the only Blue rag remaining is that one cannot buy beer, wine or liquor before noon on Sunday.
Hee. My cat always looks faintly scandalized when I drink a hot whiskey.
Military Bases call the liquer store the package store. In the south (carolina anyway) it's the blue store (blue laws - I think is the precedent for that) in Louisiana it's the red dot (big red dot on them) but they do have drive thrus - no other signage... and Utah it's the State store. And no hard liquer in other stores.
Those are state stores. Different thing. Here they're privately owned.

One more marginal opportunity for the small businessman.
they're state stores in Pennsylvania too.
Woo-hoo, Abbey Irene! You go, girl!

*cough* I mean, "Fie! Shame on those characters! Boo and stuff!"

*cheesy unrepentant grin*
I'm shocked that Garrett is a lush! Shocked I tell you!
"My name is Abigail Irene, and I'm an alcoholic."