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An extra hour of October: It couldn't happen in a nicer month

Something came up today that got me talking and thinking. And it seems to me that, if my generation was raised to believe in futility and failure, the kids coming up after us had a bunch of smoke blown up their collective asses regarding how powerful they were.

I know a bunch of people about fifteen years younger than me. And yeah, it's we-ard to realize that people who could be my kids are adults, with adult concerns and attitudes.

Lemme say for the record that Gen-Y is all fucking right with me. 

Go read this poem. Then read this article. Then realize that one of the things that Yevtuchenko's poem did was ameliorate Soviet attitudes toward the Jews.


You can change the world.

They may take your life if you try, however. Still, that's no excuse. And the last I checked on Yevtushenko, he was tenured and living somewhere in the Midwest.

Progress notes for 28 October 2006:


New Words:  1411
Total Words: 5502
Pages: 24
Deadline: Dec. 31
Reason for stopping: sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Stimulants:  Gin!
Exercise: Not much, unless you count juggling and a walk to the packy and back
Songs mutilated: Heart of Gold, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Tambourine Man
Mammalian assistance: none: she hates me.
Mail: none

Today's words Word don't know: bellman,
Mean Things: wangsth
Tyop du Jour: You swore an oath to your kink.
The Internet is full of Things: The Red Elvises.

Bonus Poem: Gregory Corso: "Marriage."

Should I tell them? Would they like me then?
Say All right get married, we're losing a daughter
but we're gaining a son-
And should I then ask Where's the bathroom?

The glamour!: There's a song about Elvis Presley on John Gorka's album "Out of the Valley." In the liner notes, he mentions that the console the song was recorded on used to be in the old RCA studio B in Nashville.

He goes on to say, "The subject of this song recorded there... and used this very console. You can look it up."

In the lyrics to the same album, he quote Zora Neale Hurston.

Geek boys are the best.

Also, Dave Mattacks plays drums on this album.

I'm a geek as well.

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