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Meat puppet 1 :: six string 0

Hah! Some time between going to bed last night and getting up this morning, the organism examined the ongoing damage to and soreness in its fingertips and went, "This adaptive response of deep blistering and fluid cushioning is not working. She's still inflicting trauma on our hand. What else we got, Scotty?"

And Scotty scratched his chin a bit and said, "Dunno. Look, we got a lot of dead skin around those blisters, and even a little scarring. What if we just reabsorb that lymph and see what we get? It could just be enough."

Yes! Ladies and gentlemen, I have calluses! *does a little victory dance*

(Those of you who have experienced this phenomenon will understand what I mean. We talk of "building up calluses," but that's not what happens. The damned things occur overnight. Punctuated equilibrium.) 
Tags: guitar god in training, this is your brain on folk music, three chords and grimace musically
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