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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

there's a naked person in my flat!

Progress notes for 29 October 2006:


New Words:  1105
Total Words:  6607
Pages: 28
Deadline: Dec 31
Reason for stopping: end of scene, quota, tired

Stimulants:  insufficient tea
Exercise: went for a walk
Mammalian assistance: Mebd, sensing with her mysterious catling powers that it is chilly out, has been trying to sleep on the damned laptop all day.
Mail: nomail

Today's words Word don't know: unliving, axeman, undeath,

Mean Things: personal complications galore. Made Sebastien talk. He hates that.
Jury-rigging: Found a spot for that exposition. So I'll have to go back and take out the awkward shoehorn job I did earlier.



Yes? What?

Oh. I thought you said "flist" not "flat". Nevermind.

gabba gabba we accept you one of us one of us

On the internets, everyone is naked until proven clothed.

Re: gabba gabba we accept you one of us one of us

Amen to that.

When a friend I and both used to work from our respective homes, we decided that the secret definition of "telecommuting" was "working naked."

The real secret, though, IMO, is that softpants are far more comfy than actual naked. Vinyl office chairs n aw ...

Re: gabba gabba we accept you one of us one of us

I have a stretchy pair of boot cut jeans that I live in at home. I like a little more structure than pajama pants, but--Yeah.

Re: gabba gabba we accept you one of us one of us

I'm envious -- those sound nice. I've been resorting to exercise pants too often, because I'm between sizes and don't want to go buy more clothes until my shape settles down a bit. (I can take off the jeans I have on now without undoing the button, but the next size smaller I own is still too tight. Maybe stretch in a new pair is the answer ...)

Sol usually switches about halfway through the day, soft pants until after exercise, then jeans until night.

Congratulations on the calluses, by the way. Isn't it nice how they both bring a sense of accomplishment and make it easier to keep on working?

Re: gabba gabba we accept you one of us one of us

Yes. *g* Very true, all of that.

Being between sizes is a pain in the butt...

Re: gabba gabba we accept you one of us one of us

... or a sudden chill as your waistband migrates floorward.
I just finished reading Blood and Iron, which I enjoyed immensely. I had some trouble in the beginning figuring out who was who, but once I did it was very good. Uisgebaugh was the most realistic kelpie I've ever "met" on the page, the dragon rocked like no other, and Keith sounds yummy (I love red-haired men).

(I just realized that I used the word "realistic" to describe a kelpie. *facepalm*)

Good work, Elizabeth (Ms. Bear? No, I know, Miss Lizzy! *babbles*) I will be reading more of your work in future.

*g* Call me Bear. Or EBear. It's what most of my friends call me.

Thank you! I'm very glad you liked it.

The Kelpie is a favorite of mine, as well.
I stole it from papersky, so....