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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie realism _ truepenny

I'm living for giving the devil his due.

oldcharliebrown, aka Sean Wallace of Fantasy Magazine, just posted:

This issue represents about forty thousand words, with ten stories, with all contributions nearly by women, the exception being Richard Parks. This represents a one percent representation. Subsequent issues pretty much follow that trend, until Issue Eight. No further comment.

Looks to me like it's time for another slushbomb. Male SFF writers of the world, are you ready to send your best and brightest to Fantasy Magazine and correct that gender disparity?

Sadie Hawkins Day is November 13th. Is that enough time for y'all, or should we push it back to after the holidays?


Aw, it's not a disparity, it's marketing.

Oh wait, I forgot, genre magazines aren't marketed. They're just a random agglomeration of whatever comes in the mail. I learned that from the Asimov's board.
Oh yeah. You pick out the stories by people who've won awards, and then throw the rest down the stairs, right?
Nick is completely right. Fantasy Magazine is targeted generally towards intelligent (and educated) women from high school to college to beyond. This doesn't mean that I don't publish men, but that I'm inclined towards looking for material from women a lot more. In this, I've had no problem in finding stories. (Excluding Issue Five, I have about twenty-two stories in inventory, by women, and three by men.) The Fantasy sampler should mop up a few of those stories, so I won't be overstocked.
Assuming they are open for subs again, I'm in. I've come close to selling to Sean on a couple of occasions.
One story out of ten is 1%?

Could I have this person figuring the actual cash for my raise, please? (but not the percent!)

Unless that one story is a short-short of <400 words...
It was already corrected, as of this morning, after someone else pointed out my mistake. (I wasn't paying attention and I plugged some other number from another project). It is ten percent. It increases to twenty percent with the eighth issue, mebbe, if I keep with the planned schedule . . . or if I reshuffle it, then it might go back down. It depends.
Ah, sorry! :) I think I commented pre-coffee, or I'd've figured that out myself... /sigh/
GRIN. I haven't thought about Sadie Hawkins' day in years. I thought it was February 29th.
I've sent him stuff--he just needs to accept something from me is all. ;)
I'd send him stuff if he were open to narrative poems at short story length....

take out the line breaks!
But that trick only works for Geoff Landis!

I've submitted there before, I'll submit there again, and if any of the fantasy stories I have out there comes back before November 13 I'll hold it until then, for this. Not likely though -- one of them's been at Realms for just 20 days, so I figure its chances of a return in the next two weeks are about zero.