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maybe not in my lifetime, but in yours I feel sure.


What do you guys want to see more of around here? My larnin' curve on the whole writing thing seems to be flattening out a little bit, so there's a heck of a lot less of the "Look at my brain whir uselessly!" type posts. But I'm open to suggestions of what I might discuss.

hard times, I'm used to them
the speeding planet burns, I'm used to it
my life's so common it disappears.

When I get back from WFC, I need to take a break from working on "Chatoyant" and get the proposal for Dust squared away. Which means, eee, a synopsis. And at least a nod at a writing sample.

And I think I have to scrap all the preliminary stuff I had and start over, because the book grew in the back of my head when I wasn't looking.

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