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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

more hats

Hal Duncan looks awfully happy about being licked by Jim Minz and Jay Caselberg...

Consensus was, Hal looked best in the hat.

Steven Downum

Amanda Downum

Doselle Young


Hal looks like a right pirate in that hat.
He kept swiping it. *g*
Man, I'm sorry I missed that. Sounds like a fun time was had by all (possibly excepting Hal getting dropped on his head, eesh).
Jason McCray gets my vote for looking hottest in the hat out of the guest hatters. That smile is 110% pirate. My timbers are all a-shiver.
Isn't he pretty?

Deanna Hoak looked awful good, too. And Scott looked about five years old and playing dressup, which is impressive for a guy whose closest resemblance is to a Viking lumberjack....


That's Doselle!

um.. actually, that's the fabulous Doselle Young, not Jason McCray!

(and i swear, i was looking for you the whole con! i only saw you late sunday night, when i was riding the glass elevator upwards..)


Re: That's Doselle!

It is, you're right. I am bad at faces when they are blurry. Dammit, where did the picture of Jason go...?

(How come I look like I'm wearing lipstick in the photo of me in the hat?!?)
Hal must be a braver man than I. If I saw Caselberg's tongue coming at me like that, I'd be gone so fast all you'd have had to photograph would be Jim and Jay, and the hat hanging in mid-air between them.
Minz'll put his tongue on ANYTHING, I tells ya!