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Our story so far:

Showered, shove, schlepped down to my polling place to do the dirty deed.

It's a beautiful clear cool November morning, a little high haze, yellow leaves in drifts.

After nearly missing the door (my new voting place is St. John's Episcopalian Church, and a Joe Lieberman supporter was standing in such a way that I could not see the walkway) I wended inside and was confronted with a Big Long Line. Apparently, they were sent one wrong voting machine, which had to be replaced, and then the remaining two jammed. (My precinct in Connecticut still uses the big clunky old lever and curtain machines. KERCHUNK! Which, I might add, work reliably. No wonder the state is slowly replacing them.)

Anyway, they trundled in new machines (to sounds of loud applause) and then I had to go get my address sorted out, as they had me at the wrong street address.

But all ended well.

The woman behind me brought her two toddlers with her to vote, as my mother used to bring me. I told her, and she grinned.

I tossed my Gubernatorial vote to the green party candidate, because I actually favor Jodi Rell, but she's going to win anyway and I didn't want to vote for a Republican this year. And we support third parties.

Now I must finish this novel, which is, among other things, about the fall of a monarchy of sorts.
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