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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

if all your friends jumped off a bridge?

jaylake did it, so I will to.

Tentative 2007 Convention Schedule:

Boskone 44 (February 16-18)

Ambercon (March 22-25)

Penguicon (GoH)  (April 20-22)

WisCon (May 25-28)

Readercon (July 6-8)

ComiCon International (July 25-29)

World Fantasy Convention (November 1–4)


Hmm ...

I'm missing Boskone (got a conflicting GoH slot at small UK PicoCon on February 17th), will (of course!) be at Penguicon, but am also considering trying to do one of WisCon, Readercon, or MiniCon. Any opinions as to which is best?
WisCon is the Best Con. *g*

Seriously. It's like a smaller WFC, with more feminists. Readercon is also awesome, but if I had to pick one, it would be WisCon. (Part of that is that WisCon is in the middle of hip, swinging, cheap-eats Madison, and RederCon is in the middle of a shopping mall wasteland. But part of it is just that WisCon Really Is That Awesome.)

I have not been to MiniCon, but I hear very good things about it.
Would you have any objection to me mentioning this in a post? I'd do it tomorrow after the elections are over....
My con schedule? Not at all: I go so I can be found. *g*
Ahem. I notice a distinct lack of overlap there, Bear dear.
Is it my fault you're off being a rock star all over the left coast?
jaylake did it,

So it's not so much, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge" as, "If the Hat jumped off a bridge"?
No Arisia? :-(

Not that I have any excuse for not making it to Boskone, mind you. But Arisia's the only Boston con I've already got a membership for.
Arisia's not really my scene, alas. I'll probably never go to a DragonCon either.
I'm going to WFC! Book some time for us to get into trouble!

AmberCon Ahoy!

It will be so cool to see you, back where we first met :-)

I'm looking forward to it!
Do you like cons? I mean, if you weren't a published writer and it wasn't good publicity for anything, would you still go to all of those? Some of them? Take a year off cons altogether?

Just curious.

You know, I was reading the comments here, and realized that I'd forgotten that I still haven't ever actually met you face-to-face. Weird.
I go to conventions to see my friends and because it's how my industry does business.
hee. Yeah, I can do exactly one of those a year, and ComiCon is it.
Hrm....I'm leaning toward giving Boskone a pass this year, since it's moved (hopefully temporarily) out of the Sheraton and into the convention center wasteland.

And almost certainly no Ambercon for me either.

WisCon is one of those cons I mean to make it to someday, especially since the WFC in Madison last year let me see how cool the town was. I don't know if next year will be the year for that.

Readercon's a maybe though, and I'm planning on making it to WFC too.

Plus, of course, I get to see you between cons!
You do!

...and you could, sir, yanno, meet me for dinner some night. I believe you know how to get in touch.


Elizabeth Bear going to WisCon! You made my day! :-)

Re: Yay!

I go to WisCon habitually. *g*