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When all else fails crank up the Tull.

It is now a four-form-rejection week. I'm trying to decide if eveything I've ever written sucks because I've been over-rejected this week, because I suck at short stories and should give up on them, because I'm at the middle of the book, or because I'm hitting another god-damned cocksucking motherfucking son-of-a-bitching plateau.

I'm terribly afraid it's a plateau.

Plateaus are good. They presage a skill jump, because they bring with them an awareness of how much I suck as a writer and all the things I still need to learn.

Plateaus are bad because they are exhausting and they hurt and I don't like them.

Dammit, I wanna be good at this now. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

*temper tantrum*
*torn hair*

THIS is why so many writers quit. If you aren't insane to begin with, the industry will make you that way rather quickly.

There, all better now.
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