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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Ned Lamont (D-CT) (?)

with 59%.48% 44% dead heat. Lieberman in the lead now with 47%, but that is only a 450 vote lead.

And Channel 3 is also calling it for Joe. Too late to hope he'll accidentally drink hot lead, I guess....


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And district 5 goes to the Dem.

*high five*
This is just initials. It's not completely reported yet.
Yeah, baby!!

Also, 2 down 12 to go on that 14 seat gain needed to get back the House.
Looks like Nancy Johnson is out, though.
He's got a nine point lead on Lieberman now.
cross your fingers, there's still a lot of counting to go.
Ah, you better not be pulling our legs! That's *fantastic*, and one I didn't even dare hope for...

I just heard Santorum got the ol' boot in the ass in PA too. Yeah, baby!
Well, it's not all in yet. But it's about a ten point lead right now.

Pray hard.

It's a dead heat now. Lamont had better pull it out. Or I will send him nasty letters.
I'm skipping the exit polls, which just seem to get more and more worthless every election. I've got my fingers crossed though.
This is the districts reporting in. 2% and still the advantage to Lamont.... barely.

Cross your fingers.
Here in Michigan it's holding out hope that ballot measure 2 (ban all affirmative action in public anything) fails. Sadly, as the discriminatory anti-gay marriage amendment passing last cycle proves, we have more bigots than not. Tyranny of the majority right there.

Also hoping my nice pro-choice governor doesn't lose to Mr. Amway who thinks if my 11 year old gets raped and impregnated she should be forced to carry her rapist's child to term, and then deal with it for the next 18+ years with no help at all from the state that forced her to have the baby.

But I don't have any opinions at all. (I'm supposed to be in bed. Yup.)
Leiberman's got 47% now, but we're still only 1% reported.
So far, so good!

*fingers crossed*
CNN is calling it for Lieberman. They suck. (I'm kinda beyond intelligent thought right now. Ahhhhhh so nervous.)
Yeah. We'll see how it goes.
I'll cross my fingers for CT if you cross yours for VA!
Crossed. It's back to a dead heat now. 45% up.
... and Lamont concedes. :( Sorry.
Shit, if I were running, I wouldn't do that. I'd wait till every damn precinct reported in. Not concede with 85% of the votes still uncounted.
Dammit. This declaring things with like 15% of votes counted annoys me.

So does Lieberman. Feh.
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