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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


You all realize, I hope, that come the new congress, a woman is second in line for the Presidency of the United States of America for the first time in history?



Not merely a woman, but a smart liberal woman who's raised a family and knows what it's like.
And who's not afraid to get in people's faces.

For liberal definitions of "people."
Yes, and it's about time too.

Isn't she third in line?
Second. Bush is president, Cheney is first in line, Pelosi in second.
I so suck at math.
but you draw bitchin' bunnies.
Will be. If she's elected Speaker.

::crossing fingers::
I thought Alexander Haig was second in line no matter what.

No, he's first in line. Good ole Alexander "I am in control here" Haig.
Yes indeedy. A fact which pleases me muchly.
I still love that icon.


If you say it too loudly, th traditionalists will be out and about in 2008 with pitchforks, claiming the core of the nation is lost, and implying that good ole' conservative men will need to take it back.

Oh...wait...they'll do that anyway.


That is pretty neat.

May it be a herald of better things to come.
As a matter of fact, I was just talking about that with my partner earlier today. Fantastic news, isn't it?
I was actually telling some people this weekend that despite the talk of Hillary being the first woman president, if Dick and george go and get themselves impeached, Nancy will beat her to it. I think the odds may be better than 50/50 on that.
Just the possibility of that makes me weep with joy.
I have screaming iconlove. May I snurch that?

-goes off, happily singing-
I was just looking at some web cartoons about Hillary in 2008, and very thrilled that they were all taking her seriously, none of them presenting her as a figurehead for a third term for Bill.

Tho personally I think a third and fourth term for that team would be a great thing for the US and the world....

It'd be pretty interesting to watch, that's for sure.
Clearly this calls for the White House spontaneously combusting in the first week of the next congressional session. Then it's all the way, baby!

(That's exactly the kind of talk that automatically gets me on a no-fly list, isn't it? Bugger.)
Why bother with spontaneous combustion? Just have Canada march down and burn it down again.
So you want Cheney to take Bush hunting, right?
Woman Schwoman -- not to minimize her estrogen-induced insights, but the bigger story is that a San Francisco Liberal is 2nd in line.

There's be frigging in the rigging at the Capitol if Bush and Cheney get taken out.

And lest my tone be misconstrued, I'm all for it. Both her being a woman of the female persuasion, and her love for sodomites.
Yeah, I've been waiting for the other side to absorb this news and start with the garment rending/conspiracy theories/paperback coup d'etat thrillers :)
Note to Secret Service. You might wish to divert some resources to checking up on militant feminists with marksmanship training. Or maybe not...