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Ladies, don't believe what a bad fella tells you, though his eyes be blue or brown--

Gotta figure out what I'm doing wrong with the way I'm holding my left wrist before I do myself a permanent injury. Or maybe it's just training the muscles to adapt to that position. Or, you know, I could start actually using the stool when I practice. That might be smart.

My big triumphs for today: I managed to switch between strumming patterns without bitching it up completely, I got a F major to ring almost clearly (once, out of about twenty tries), and I managed to count beats, sing, handle chord changes, and strum for about four whole bars simultaneously. Admittedly, the song in question was "Horse with no Name," which might in fact be too simple to actually count as a song for any practical purposes, consisting of two chords which involve shifting two fingers exactly one string. But I will take what I can get.

What's interesting is that, in learning a new skill as an adult, I can *see* myself learning. The other day, driving to archery practice, I caught myself humming along to a strumming pattern of a song that was on the radio. A month ago, I wouldn't even have noticed that, but my brain knows what it is now and is paying attention. That's kind of neat. I like it when I catch my brain working. It's interesting.

Well, okay, I have three hours before I have to be in Glastonbury. I guess I should write.

Why *is* this damned novelette/novella taking so long? You would think I would be done now: it seems like I've been writing it for weeks.

Oh, right: there was a convention in the middle there, wasn't there?

...guess I also better figure out what happens next....

Tags: guitar god in training, this is your brain on folk music, writing is like everything else

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