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Spectra sent me two advance copies of Carnival

...and apparently somebody swiped them from the lobby. Charming; I suspect one of my new neighbors is to blame, as there are reports of some other things going missing recently.

Anyway, I'll get the contract copies soon enough. But. That does mean Carnival is real; it exists; and will be in stores soon. The official release date it Nov. 28th, but things do tend to turn up early. So, yanno, it can't hurt to check. Or ask if they're floating around out back. Or pre-order if they don't have it. Ahem.

I'm really excited about this one. I mean, really, really excited about this one. It's the first novel of mine to be published close enough to being written that I feel like it's a fair current indicator of the state of my writing skills, for one thing, and for another, it's very dear to my heart. (I love all of my children, but there are some I love more than others, and I think I nearly got this one right.)

In other news, I'm up, the coffee is on, I've added my WFC loot to my LibraryThing (LibraryThing *loff*, and thank you northmen for the most useful word in the English language, to wit, "thing."), and I'm about to feed the cat so she leaves me alone for a while and go see just how much of "Chatoyant" I can finish in one day, as I've got the plot figured out and now I just need to write the damned thing. It would be nice to finish, wouldn't it? (Of course, then I need to revise, because it's horribly disjointed right now and I need to figure out a way to get two offstage characters more present early on, but that's all diddling if I can just get a bloody draft.)

Also, if I finish the draft, I can clean the apartment, which badly needs it (yes, I'm far enough gone to use cleaning as a reward, don't ask) and watch a movie tomorrow guilt-free.

Right, time to quit stalling. And yes, I am stalling.

five, four, three, two--

Tags: *really* shameless self promotion, carnival, charting waters of caffeine addiction, new amsterdam, quotidiana, writing craft wank

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