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and every stinking bum should wear a crown

ccfinlay being all on the ball and all, he informs us that Issue 4 of Subterranean is now available as a free PDF download. This is the John-Scalzi-edited infamous cliche edition, which includes a lot of fantastic stories and essays by people like Jo Walton, Chris Roberson, Nick Sagan, et. al. And in addition to those, one by me, which is about a shark.

In addition, Subterranean Press is hosting a great big fat 40% off sale, which includes pre-orders of the very book I am complaining about working on right now! Coincidentally, a portion of that book, the Victorian vampire dirigible novella "Lucifugous," is currently available in Subterranean #5. And another bit of it--"Limerent"--will see print in Subterranean #6, also, and is slated for eventual serialization on the Subterranean Press website. The New Amsterdam books are limited edition hardcovers, by the way, so when the ~2000 copies of the unlettered edition and the ~200 copies of the Signed Special Ultra Top Secrit Expensive Version are sold, that's it.

Thus, it logically follows to point out that a certain cmpriest, known to us also as Cherie Priest (after whom a certain character in "Lucifugous" may or may not be named, ahem, see? there is a connection) is also published by Sub Press, and her nuns-with-guns novella "The Wreck of the Mary Byrd" is currently available to read free on the website. (And if you like that, her book Dreadful Skin is on the pre-order discount list too.)

Other titles available through the sale include books by such notables as grrm, docbrite, crowleycrow, scalzi, autopope, and a bunch of people who are too foolish to have livejournal handles. greygirlbeast has at least one title currently available through Subterranean, but it's not on sale, and I believe that such is her deserved popularity that all the rest are sold out.*

*for the subtext-impaired: ordering now couldn't hurt, if you crave or covet any of these things.
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