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I must be hungry because I go crazy over your leather boots

[12:33] matociquala: I wonderwhat would happen if I reinforced my guitar calluses with superglue.
[12:33] tanaise: I think you should experiment bear!
[12:34] leahbobet: (Death to the air raid siren fire alarm.)
[12:34] matociquala: I might. The dimple in one of them makes practice harder than it needs to be
[12:34] matociquala: I have coffin smut, however.
[12:34] leahbobet: (Death to the people who pull the fire alarm.)
[12:34] matociquala: Yay, coffin smut.
[12:35] leahbobet: Is that not cramped?
[12:36] matociquala: It's extremely cramped.
[12:38] tanaise: But, as we all know, it's just the necrophilia that makes it so dirty
[12:39] matociquala: Well, they are both dead.
[12:39] matociquala: undead
[12:39] matociquala: whatever
[12:40] tanaise: does that make it not necrophilia? 
[12:40] matociquala: I'm not sure.
[12:40] tanaise: or extra dirty?
[12:40] matociquala: I could blog this, and ask the internets.
[12:41] tanaise: You have a given, and some equations, all you need is someone else to provide the proofs.
[12:41] matociquala: *is so resolved*
[12:43] leahbobet:, that's tricky.
[12:43] tanaise: I think I've had the 'is it necrophilia with the undead' discussion before,
[12:43] leahbobet: We have, yes.
[12:43] leahbobet: But that was a mixed couple.
[12:43] tanaise: but so far as I know, there's never been any definitive answer.
[12:44] matociquala: Indeed. And this is both vampires. One of whom is explaiming over the cliche...
[12:44] leahbobet: Well, I figured ghosts/undead being attracted to live people wasn't a perversion, it was just them continuing their natural process from before they died.
[12:45] leahbobet: Both undead is harder.
[12:45] tanaise: Thanks to Sufjan, I now want to write about a vampire living on Lake Michigan.
[12:46] matociquala: Well, it's not like that isn't how both of them *got* to be undead.
[12:46] matociquala: Hooking up with vampires, yanno, can extend your unlife expectancy.
[12:47] leahbobet: That's a tidy mutual parasitism relationship.
[12:48] matociquala: Sebastien has some complicated hangups.
[12:48] tanaise: well, plus, it's okay for the undead, but what about the humans in the mixed couples?
[12:50] leahbobet: We can probably safely assume that it's non-con for the humans in at least half the cases.
[12:51] matociquala: Depends. We've established a certain amount of, er, cattle trade.
[12:51] matociquala: On the other hand, Sebastien, ah, is an ethical carnivore.
[12:51] matociquala: *g*
[12:52] tanaise: well, when it's non-con, it's definately dirty
[12:53] tanaise: regardless of if it's necrophilia.
[12:53] matociquala: Yes.
[12:53] matociquala: Well, I think it's all dirty. I have a fairly Puritan society here.
[12:53] matociquala: In which, of course, people do what they always do. They're just more ashamed of it.

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