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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I must be hungry because I go crazy over your leather boots

[12:33] matociquala: I wonderwhat would happen if I reinforced my guitar calluses with superglue.
[12:33] tanaise: I think you should experiment bear!
[12:34] leahbobet: (Death to the air raid siren fire alarm.)
[12:34] matociquala: I might. The dimple in one of them makes practice harder than it needs to be
[12:34] matociquala: I have coffin smut, however.
[12:34] leahbobet: (Death to the people who pull the fire alarm.)
[12:34] matociquala: Yay, coffin smut.
[12:35] leahbobet: Is that not cramped?
[12:36] matociquala: It's extremely cramped.
[12:38] tanaise: But, as we all know, it's just the necrophilia that makes it so dirty
[12:39] matociquala: Well, they are both dead.
[12:39] matociquala: undead
[12:39] matociquala: whatever
[12:40] tanaise: does that make it not necrophilia? 
[12:40] matociquala: I'm not sure.
[12:40] tanaise: or extra dirty?
[12:40] matociquala: I could blog this, and ask the internets.
[12:41] tanaise: You have a given, and some equations, all you need is someone else to provide the proofs.
[12:41] matociquala: *is so resolved*
[12:43] leahbobet: ...hm, that's tricky.
[12:43] tanaise: I think I've had the 'is it necrophilia with the undead' discussion before,
[12:43] leahbobet: We have, yes.
[12:43] leahbobet: But that was a mixed couple.
[12:43] tanaise: but so far as I know, there's never been any definitive answer.
[12:44] matociquala: Indeed. And this is both vampires. One of whom is explaiming over the cliche...
[12:44] leahbobet: Well, I figured ghosts/undead being attracted to live people wasn't a perversion, it was just them continuing their natural process from before they died.
[12:45] leahbobet: Both undead is harder.
[12:45] tanaise: Thanks to Sufjan, I now want to write about a vampire living on Lake Michigan.
[12:46] matociquala: Well, it's not like that isn't how both of them *got* to be undead.
[12:46] matociquala: Hooking up with vampires, yanno, can extend your unlife expectancy.
[12:47] leahbobet: That's a tidy mutual parasitism relationship.
[12:48] matociquala: Sebastien has some complicated hangups.
[12:48] tanaise: well, plus, it's okay for the undead, but what about the humans in the mixed couples?
[12:50] leahbobet: We can probably safely assume that it's non-con for the humans in at least half the cases.
[12:51] matociquala: Depends. We've established a certain amount of, er, cattle trade.
[12:51] matociquala: On the other hand, Sebastien, ah, is an ethical carnivore.
[12:51] matociquala: *g*
[12:52] tanaise: well, when it's non-con, it's definately dirty
[12:53] tanaise: regardless of if it's necrophilia.
[12:53] matociquala: Yes.
[12:53] matociquala: Well, I think it's all dirty. I have a fairly Puritan society here.
[12:53] matociquala: In which, of course, people do what they always do. They're just more ashamed of it.

17,796 words and counting


: In which, of course, people do what they always do. They're just more ashamed of it.

I always thought that was more or less the definition of Victorian-era morality, anyway :-)

What was the Attic Greek-equivalent prefix for 'un-' (which is Latin)? Whatever that is, tack it on to 'necrophilia', and you have what it is when vampires are involved :-)
Wouldn't that be a vampire's perverse lusting for the living?
Or zombie, ghost, or other avital being -- let's not be bigoted, here.
No. That would be whatever the greek word is for 'living' + philia :-D
I *think* love of the undead could be anecrophilia, while love of the living would be biophilia or zoophilia (probably the former, because the latter sounds like something else entirely!). You could argue for ambrosophilia--as in ambrosia, the root means "undying"--but I would say that'd be love of immortals, not of the undead.

If your (collective your) Greek is better than mine, feel free to correct.
Nor, apparently, are we the first people on LJ to have wondered about this particular question.
unfortunately, biophilia is an established term in environmental studies.

(Which I just wrote a 7-page single-spaced paper on. Ow. Study-flashback.)
Granted, the paper would ahve been more fun if it included discussion of sex with the undead. But I already managed to squeeze in references to truepenny & mrissa's moss-troll discussion, and to Making Light.
What makes it really dirty is if you don’t have clean sheets over that stash of your native earth in the coffin.

Humpty Dumpty would be proud.

"explaiming"--when you explain! with vigor!

Guitar calluses

Actually, soemthing that works better than superglue is clear nail polish.

Or colored, yanno, if you wanted.

Re: Guitar calluses

Actually when my husband's feet began cracking (because we live in a desert), his doctor recommended superglue. We keep some tubes around the house, just for feet. Doctors use it in surgery these days.

Re: Guitar calluses

It was originally designed as a surgical tool. "Bonds flesh instantly!"

Isn't that cool?

...the cat is playing leapfrog over my shins.

Re: Guitar calluses

Sure, for rips in flesh. Nail polish works well for callus reinforcement (and also stuff like gluing down the edges when they start trying to pop off), though, 'cause it's so nice and smoooooooooth.


I dunno about super glue, but some guitarists use vinegar on their fingertips to rush the callous process along. :)

Ergo... consider this argument.

If you have sex with a minor (infant), it's statutory rape. If two minors have sex, is it statutory rape for either?
Logic dictates that you are either alive or dead. There are degrees of life, but ultimately, if nothing is working and you aren't quickened, you're dead.

So is a vampire really dead, or alive? I think your question easily envelops this larger question, which we must turn to a greater authority to answer. Yes, the OED, and now, here's life:
1. a. intr. To be alive; to have life (see LIFE 1b) either as an animal or as a plant; to be capable of vital functions. to live and look (see LOOK v.).
In this sense the simple present is now arch. or rhetorical; the compound present is living is the usual form.

b. fig. of things: To exist, be found. poet.

The convex, then, dead?

1. To become dead. a. lit. To die.
b. fig. To lose vitality, force, or vigour; to become numb; to lose heat or glow.
2. U.S. college slang. ‘To be unable to recite; to be ignorant of the lesson; to declare one's self unprepared to recite’ (B. H. Hall College Wds. & Customs, 1856).
3. To make dead (lit. and fig.); to cause to die; to put to death, kill, slay, destroy.
4. fig. To deprive of some form of vitality; to deaden: a. To deprive of sensation or consciousness; to stupefy, benumb.
b. To deprive of force or vigour.
c. To render spiritually dead.
d. To make dead or insensible to something.
5. To deprive of its active or effective physical quality; to deaden, make ‘dead’, extinguish.
6. To check, retard (motion or force); to destroy the force or effect of (a missile, etc.).

Ah, but necrophilia? That's the crowner.
Fascination with death and dead bodies; esp. sexual attraction to, or intercourse with, dead bodies.

1892 C. G. CHADDOCK tr. R. von Krafft-Ebing Psychopathia Sexualis iii. 68 The impulse to indulge in acts of necrophilia. 1926 W. MCDOUGALL Outl. Abnormal Psychol. viii. 164 He [sc. Ferenczi] assumes that coprophilia and necrophilia are normal components of the sex instinct. 1946 ‘G. ORWELL’ Crit. Ess. 122 [Dali's] most notable characteristic is his necrophilia. 1967 D. PINNER Ritual x. 105 He keeps corpses in here for amateur necrophilia. 1995 Guardian 13 Jan. (Friday section) 16/3 Paraphilia, extreme sexual disorders which lead individuals to seek stimulation through acts of necrophilia, auto-erotic asphyxiation and amputee-fetishism.

[Emphasis added.]

Does writing about vampires, ostensibly undead (although impossible to exist through the weight of malthusian numbers as the creation of new vampires would quickly overwhelm the system) creature, constitute Fascination with death and dead bodies? If so... does this mean such writers are necrophiliacs?

Re: Ergo... consider this argument.

If two minors have sex, is it statutory rape for either?

Depends where you live. No, seriously. Also, in some jurisdictions, two under-eighteens (but legal to have sex with each other) making a friendly, fun video of themselves having sex, for their own use, can be prosecuted as 'distributing child pornography'.

Re: Ergo... consider this argument.

I always assumed that because the law assumes that a minor is an infant and incapable of making contracts (well, the minor can void the contract at any time, so it's a bad idea on the part of the adult) or consenting to medical care (except implied consent such as emergency medical care, at least in California), then a minor cannot consent to having sex. There is no consensual sex, due to the inability of the minor to make such a decision in the eyes of the law; they simply cannot consent to sex. The law says the parent or guardian appointed by the court could make such a decision if it were lawful, which it is not, and therefore the child cannot consent to sex and cannot have sex.

When I say minor, I mean whatever the law considers to be an infant in the particular state or location. Some states have lower ages, thus apply the reasoning above as necessary. Simply put, children (teenagers included) may never consent to sex because it's against the law.

Re: Ergo... consider this argument.

However, when it comes to laws about 'sin', all logic goes out the window. Some states think you are incompetent to consent to sex until the age of 18 -- rare, but it happens. This is the age at which, in all states, you can enter into most contracts.

Some states, however, think you can consent as low as the age of 11.

And you can't drink anywhere till 21.

Re: Ergo... consider this argument.

Nah, you can enter into contracts before the age of 18. However, the minor can back out of the contract at any time. That's why they're not such a hot idea for the adult. The age where you're bound to the contract is usually 18, again, it might vary from state to state.

And kids with alcohol! Wooooeeey! Ain't such a hot idea, though it seems those that want to, do, anyway.