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More everything I know I learned from pop songs:

So, that thing jaylake was talking about, regarding how voice influences a narrative?

Do yourself a favor, and listen to both of these versions before watching the videos.

[20:29] matociquala: wow.
[20:29] matociquala:
[20:29] matociquala: I am not sure how I feel about that.
[20:31] stillnotbored: Bear, I think I love this
[20:32] matociquala: I am conflicted
[20:32] matociquala: it is... very different.
[20:33] stillnotbored: oh it is
[20:33] matociquala: I'm not sure that makes it bad.
[20:33] matociquala:
[20:33] matociquala: compare and contrast
[20:34] stillnotbored: I'm going to revoke their right to grow their hair out
[20:34] matociquala: The Exies?
[20:34] matociquala: Or your characters?
[20:34] stillsostrange: yes
[20:34] stillsostrange: heh
[20:34] stillsostrange: would that work as a threat?
[20:34] stillnotbored: classic Talking Heads *g*
[20:35] matociquala: David Byrne obviously learned to dance by watching David Bowie on coke and thinking "That's not really spazzy enough."
[20:35] stillnotbored: lol
[20:35] matociquala: (MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE!)
[20:37] stillnotbored: it's the same song, but so different
[20:37] matociquala: yah
[20:37] matociquala: Voice is everything
[20:38] stillsostrange: I should probably watch it with sound
[20:38] stillnotbored: oh yeah
[20:38] matociquala: It has no bassline

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