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between the lines of photographs I've seen the past: it isn't pleasing

Language Log on stereotypes of male and female communications styles, part of an ongoing series. This one has a link roundup to earlier installments.

The short form? Statistically speaking, men actually talk slightly more than women do. Please adjust your characterizations accordingly.

Actually, this is relevant to the whole writing thing. Because people expect characters to act in accordance with stereotypes, not with actuality--and if they break those stereotypes, the writer often has to find ways to defend or shore up their behavior. I run into this fairly frequently with first-readers in the Eddas, actually, because one of my base assumptions is a modern (sort of steampunk, actually, or post-Cyberpunk, maybe) world without Christian influence. So the mores--social, political, and sexual--are those that have developed from a Norse ethical system rather than a Christian one.

Not so much, this world, with the forgiveness and redemption as privileged values.

You know how hard it is to explain that stuff to a reader when none of your characters have any idea that forgiveness and redemption "ought" to be privileged values?

The good news is, people are still people. Well, some of them are einherjar. And some are the sons of giants. But such is the way of the world.


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