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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


This is so katallen's fault.

People who are geeks, and people who have guns. And many of them, people who are geeks who have guns.

So if it makes you nauseated, blame her.


::bounces and claps:: can I steal use the pretty, please?
Oh, yes.

It's got MfU, the Avengers, NCIS, The Greatest American Hero, I Spy, and Criminal Minds caps. whew. *g*
Thank you.

::grins:: And I spotted all of them except TGAH (which I will have to try if I ever get the chance -- because one can't have too much geek with gunnery).
The geek and the gun are separate in that one--the three geeks without guns are Ralph, Garcia, and Abby--but it does have a geek, and a gun. *g*
I am prepared to explore the concept of some small separation between the geeks and the guns ::grins::
I am a geek with guns....lots of guns....

Re: drat you, foul woman!


He gets his hands on a gun in LDSK (season one) and I thought I saw one at the end of Derailed tonight, but the screncaps say I'm wrong.

Re: drat you, foul woman!

He's quite thoroughly armed in Season 2.

Re: drat you, foul woman!

I also had to settle for McGee-and-Abby with computer, although Tim does, in fact, shoot things.

One with Tim and the laptop getting shot out of his hands would be nice, though. *g*

Re: drat you, foul woman!

Let me know if you find one. Or one with the shoulder holster, even. I had no luck.
*grins* But of course. I wouldn't be seen dead without my flamethrower. ;-p
Whyfor it go sooooo fast? be's dizzy watching
Because it must! *g*

We don't have guns in our house

Primarily because we couldn't afford them. But we have a lot of medieval weapons, and some modern recurve bows. And arrows!

Careful! It might be loaded!