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cognitive. dissonance.

...suddenly, I am listening to a lot of bands with one-word names modified by a direct article, and two-word names beginning with "Dead" or "Violent" or "English."

You would think I was back in high school.

Good lord, would you believe that all my Plasmatics and Dead Kennedys stuff is on cassette tape? Eee. Am I desperate enough to go dig it out and see how badly decayed it's become? Somehow, I bet that stuff is hard to find on CD. *g* Patti Smith might be easier, though. And the Sex Pistols.

Man, I remember when this stuff sounded hard. But then, I remember when AC/DC sounded hard, rather than like the nice little electric blues band they turned out to be after all.

I am old.**

And something is very, very wrong when punk makes you feel old.*

*Even better, the CD folder that has all the Screaming Blue Messiahs and The Clash and the New Wave stuff (such as the Talking Heads, natch), also has Kim Carnes in it. And the Dave Matthews Band. And Ella Fitzgerald.

Okay, maybe I am weird.

**Hmm. And now for the difficult questions, like, do the BossTones and Nine Inch Nails belong on a punk playlist, or is that stretching the definition too far? I mean, we're definitely sneaking into Ska and Industrial and points south....

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